Posted by: Mayu | October 19, 2009

Candies in Candy’s Cutiepop

Yay it has been a while when I visited Cutiepop and it was totally revamped 😯 !

Look at this gorgeous entrance! 😮 And you can see all her awesome patterns in town ^^

Oh!! I see! The “hedgelike umbrella” what I told you a few posts before turned out into this nice ummm grasslike stone pattern 🙂 So pretty!

Haha these bats are cool! They gave me the creeps with their evil eyes!! 😈 😉

Really “cool” ice-patterns in front of the townhall 😮

And hooray, someone lost a candy on the ground!! 😆 Yummyyyy!

Oh wooow! A candybed!!! Awesome!!!

Teehee, your town is really cute now Candy! And you too!! 😀

Before I had to go we finally reunited mother and kitten in my town 😉



  1. Haha yup my path is an emerald path which is like a glass like stone lol ty for posting ^^

    • Ahhh now I remember you talking about the emerald path, sorry that I described it as “grasslike” 😳 😆

  2. tee hee I like your candy pattern, Candy, so cute!

  3. Kenzie?Wanna wifi?

  4. sorry…. don’t have wifi it would be nice to meet you though…

  5. Okay….
    I just feel bored cuz nobody at all is on WiFi.

  6. yeah.. really sorry… but you need to have all this special stuff to set up I think… and i don’t have that. It would be nice, and I’m bored too. Also, I don’t really know you that well.

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