Posted by: Mayu | October 18, 2009

Visiting Shania♥ in Essex

I didn’t have much time left for visiting Essex but nevertheless I tried to take a couple of pics of her town 😉

Claire and me managed to get into her town, but when we all were waiting for Zoe, another friend of Shania♥ dropped by. It has been joshua from fremont if I remember right, but a few minutes later Wifi crashed, so I had to try to get into Essex another time 😉

Ahh this time Zoe (at the right) also managed to come, hiya! 😀

Ok, let’s have a quick view of her town xD:

This is the road downwards from gates, I should have better shown you the pics of the bridge pattern below me, they are awesome! 😀

Shania♥ showed me the way to her house 🙂

This is her main room. Aww you also have the mother&kitten pic, they look so cute there 🙂

A really nice and well stuffed kitchen…

… and the backroom was also very pretty with all these nice shirts and accessories 😀

Later on another friend of Shania♥ arrived, her name is Libby 😀 :

This pic of the lovely room was my last one in Essex, as it was already 9PM and I promised to meet up Leesh at that time.

Sorry that I couldn’t show you all the nice spots of Essex, but next time I’ll take more pics of Shania’s town, promised 😉

Hope to see you all soon again 🙂



  1. Essex is such a cute town! 😀 Shania is such a kind girl. 😉

    • Hi Julie! Thanks soo much for your lovely comments. Glad you love my town and you are a lovely girl too x

  2. hehe i love the new photos aand i hope you can visit again. i loved your town its sooo cute and organised.

  3. he he; Libby sounds yummy^^ soo sweet =3

  4. Wow your lovely room is well nice .. im trying to get all of the lovely furniture

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