Posted by: Mayu | October 18, 2009

Relaxing meeting with Leesh

I had another date with Leesh again, my very nice friend of Canada ^^

Here she just arrived to Mitsukyo, we were also waiting for Meow, but I’ve read later on ACC that she had some troubles with her Wifi lately, so tonight we were only us two 😉

I only got a few pics of this meeting, because we haven’t done a lot but we had chit-chatted a lot about food and breeding blue roses, I had a lot of fun!

My last pic before I closed my gates…
Thanks for visiting me Leesh, I hope to see you and Meow in 2 weeks again!! 😀 😀

PS: Oh you can also find Leesh’s report about this meeting here:
Yuki and Leesh in Mitsukyo
Thanks for that Leesh! 😀



  1. Hey Mayu! Long time no see! I’ve had a break from Animal Crossing as our wii and games had to be binned because the Wii had some problems and all games were damaged. I’m still awaiting the arrival of our new Wii and games. It’s ok though, I’m excited!

    I’ve been keeping up to date with your posts though 😀 But I miss your ACWW secrets! You haven’t done one in ages 😆 See you soon!

    • 😯 That sounds horrible! Your Wii damaged all games you had?? Poor you! But when you get your new Wii and games then it’s ok, I hope Nintendo is at least paying for that? xD
      And I haven’t done any ACWW secrets anymore, because I’ve been too busy and actually it’s difficult to find more secrets in ACWW 😆 (I’m collecting all different neighbour’s house styles at the moment, but that will take a few more weeks, there are plenty of them!!! xP )

      • Well, I’m not entirely sure how it works to be honest, but I don’t think they did… Hehe, I can’t wait for that post!

  2. Oh, that was me 😳 Not Molly 🙄

  3. Mayu you have an ACC?

    • Yeah,Mayu! What’s your user???

      • I’m Haruyuki there ^^

  4. cool

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