Posted by: Mayu | October 16, 2009

Visiting Julie from Wildwood

When I wanted to open my gates Copper told me that there were another gate open and when I checked it I saw already 3 people in my newest friend’s town Wildwood, so I also headed over there 😉

Ahh how nice, so that’s Wildwood! 😀 Nice townflag and Meow must be happy to see her welcome pattern at Julie’s gates ~♥

This is Shania♥ , a very nice friend of Julie ^^

And here’s Julie, thanks for having me over :). Aww you look so cute on this pic.

On this pic EVEN MORE!!! xD LOVELY!! 🙂

Julie is a Beatles fan, how cool is that! 😀 Oops, I stood in the way for…

Zoe!! Hiii! 😀 Oh my, do we both look smart today :mrgreen: 😆

Trying to take a group pic of all us, but the colours turned out very weird again and Julie was hidden xP

Same strange colours… *sigh* but at least a better pic of Julie 😉

Zoe and I were exploring her house, I think all colourful items in a modern themed room looks even more brighter 😀 So pretty!

Wildwood is a very nice town with flowers everywhere and it’s perfect! Well done Julie! 🙂 After exploring her town we all went to Altwood, Zoe’s town.

Visiting Ringo, the dead frog, again… *sob*

And here we were thinking of what we can do next…

Well we played a lot of Hide&Seek, that was such a great fun!! xD

10 min before I had to go Candy dropped by and asked me to open my gates, as she had a lost kitten in her town and I the mother 😉

But it turned out that… Redd was in Cutiepop so no kitten there 😆

Aww Candy is also very sweet on this pic. ^^ I loved her pumpkin shirt, such beautiful colours ~♪

After Candy touched all the new items in town I had to go 😉
I enjoyed this evening!! 😀



  1. Haha! i like the beatles too Julie! 😆

    • Ohh thats awesome!! 😀

  2. Thank you so much for visiting me, Miki! ❤ I really appreciate everything you have done for me, given me, and everything!!! 😉

    You're always welcome to my town if you see the gates open. I was very lucky to get into your town the last two nights! 😀 Your town is just amazing! I look at the pictures on your blog, but it's nothing compared to when you visit it!! Thanks also for doing the touch event! It makes me one step closer to completing my catalog! 🙂

    Thanks again for everything, and I hope to see you again soon! ❤

    • Aww thanks for your nice comment Julie. Feel also everytime welcome to my town and also just drop by when you see my gates open 😉

      • Thank you! ❤ 😉

  3. 2 Weeks without wi-fi ing..! But i hope next time!! It´s school time and i have to learn SO MUCH!! To all the people who dont live in germany: BE GLAD THAT YOU DONT GO TO GERMAN-SCHOOL…!! Dieses ganze Konjunktiv Zeug irritiert mich total…ARGH…! -.-

    • Aww Marie 😦 sorry to hear about that… but I actually think all pupils – not only in Germany – are quite busy and have to do a lot for school 😆
      But don’t worry I won’t delete you from my roster and I hope we can meet up very soon again ^^
      Don’t you have autumn holidays soon? Ours just finished today and from tomorrow on my sons have to go to school again, yay! :mrgreen: 😆

      • Yeeaah…but dont worry i think i will come next friday and saturday but i know that your busy but im quite sure that we meet up soon (hopefully!! XD)^^
        Puuh…glad that you remind me of the autumn holiday..YEAA!! My holidays will begin in two weeks for two weeks!! he he he..
        ohh right, i thinks its because you´re in (norddeutschland) and i´m in (süddeutschland)…your poor son!! =(

        • Marie
          You dont have to learn

          fahren – er fährt – er fuhr – er ist gefahren
          aus ausser bei gegenüber mit nach seit von zu
          der den dem des +s das das dem des +s die die der den +n

          cuz you know it all already!

          • Herti!!!…ty sooo much, but i wrote the test today and i just saw you answer right know =( but i will right it down….im sure i will need it the next time so thank youu he he..;) !!

        • Hooray for autumn holidays!!! xD And yes would be nice to see you again! See you on Friday or Saturday! 🙂

  4. btw:aww I love Candy´s dress!! It´s amazing what people are designing !!

  5. Ty Marie ^^

  6. I like the design for the flag with the white peace sign! Can you ask her for the pattern? I’ve been looking for a good one! 🙂

    • Hi Dayana, I can give you the pattern if you have a friend code! 😉 Just tell me sometime when we can meet up. 🙂

  7. [color=orange]Hi[/color]

    • WordPress uses html codes so in that case it would be

      The code for it is: <font color=”orange”>Hi</font>

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