Posted by: Mayu | October 15, 2009

Samhain in Altwood

Zoe inivited me to come to her town tonight, and she was telling me that she has decorated her town for Halloween so I was looking forward to meet her, because I love to see new arranged towns x3, tee hee!

Woow, it’s just wooooow! 😯 😮 In front of me is Candy from Cutiepop, hi! 🙂

I tried to wear something nice for Halloween so I chose this bone hat, s keleton shirt and hockey mask, but it’s still Miki, don’t be afraid xP. Next to me is Zoe, I LOVE your patterns Zoe! 😀 Here it says “Happy Samhain” to my feet and the ghosts are so cute lol.

But there were more awesome patterns. These cats were really scary, because when you walk above them they start to wink! oO

Looks like we’re having an evil plan for Genji 😆 Well we had actually a wonderful role play during that evening, but I’ll try to explain it later 😉

First Bree, who came later, and Zoe tried to water and burn me at once!! 👿

Yes… I got really mad!!! 👿 My shorts are wet, my bum was burned, what else should I feel in such a situation?!? :mrgreen:

But then Zoe ordered me to come to her fireplace to warm up, well, ok, in this case I can’t say no 😉

Hahaha, isn’t this HUGE mushroom pretty??? Do you know how Zoe did that? She just turned the mush TV towards the wall xD, such a nice idea 😆

Having some stupid moments on the bed again 😛

Tee hee, I like this pic! Mrs Witch and Mr. (?) Skeleton? xD

Awww this was part of the role play we all played after that ^^. Ringo, Zoe’s former frog, has got his last resting-place at this place 😥 Poor him!!

The “murderer” was Genji!! xD So we were hiding from him and attacking his house and himself alternately 😆

While Bree was trying out her new turnip style, Candy slept in the background xP

Sorry that I don’t have much more pics about our play, but I was concentrated to take part into this, it has been REALLY a while when I played such games in my childhood 😳 😛 LOL!

Later on I opened my gates for all and a new friend has arrived:

It’s Julie from Wildwood! She’s such a nice girl and it’s fun playing her, adding her into your roster is recommended 😉

There’s Zoe! 🙂 And look I got this pretty Kimono and red bow from Julie as a present 😮 . Thank you so much!! 😀

This was my gift in return ^^ Aren’t we beautiful? 🙂

And Bree was also there, yay! I had a very nice and funny evening, thank you all and hope to see you soon again 😀 😀



  1. Looks like you had a great time! Role playing is always magical in AC:WW. 😉

    I also love the enormous piggy in the fireplace picture! 😀

    • You’re right the piggy bank looks really huge on this pic 😆

  2. That night was very fun! Thank you for having me over! 😀

    I can’t believe this was my first visit! I’ll never forget Miki or Mitsyuko! Or all of the wonderful friends I have met over this experience! ❤ 😉

    Thanks again!

  3. We were giving you a hot shower lol, well trying to. That was a great evening! Thanks my girls.

    From Zoe x x x

  4. Samhain?
    Wow, are you pagan?

    • Isn’t Halloween also originated by pagans? 😛

  5. cool outfits all of you my outfit was a mummy outfit but my game went all funny i turned of and turned on again it said new game turns out i pressed delete 😦

    • awww, no way!
      So that means youll have to start again, awww!
      Its Ok, Give me your fc, and Ill help you start up again, Ill give you some bells and flowers, and furniture, and Ill let you touch stuff too, Ill give you all the fruit, and whatever else, Ill get Summer and Herti to help me too.
      Will you two help me guys? (Im sure they will)

      But Tell me your fc, and Ill help you!

      Name: Sorcha
      Town: France
      FC: 0989-9589-6474

    • Oh noo poor you 😦 I can also help you with flowers and money and stuff

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