Posted by: Mayu | October 13, 2009

Nicola from Peekaboo

It was late again when I finally found some time to play ACWW. As it’s Tuesday I looked with Yuki for open gates and found Nicola’s town Peekaboo open 🙂 (tee hee what a cute name)

Aww a lovely entrance with corals and golden roses. But my camera is still weird, the colours are not good on following pics 😦

Right of me is Nicola, hi, nice to meet you again ^^. And left of me is clarissa from darkevil, she looks really cool 8)

Nicola’s house was such a pretty house, I’ll show you some rooms of it:

The right room was full of nice and colourful shirts and accessories

This is the back room, so lovely!

And this baby room upstairs I liked a lot ~♥

But Nicola had also another visitor: right of me is Jenni from Starford, hello! 🙂

This clover/dandelion/red roses combination is sooo beautiful! 😮

And I wanted to show you a nice pic of Nicola and her favourite neighbour Bluebear, but among 15 taken pics this was the only one that was quite ok… 😛

Later on I invited them to come to my town:

Jenni was the only one who came from Peekaboo but here she’s trying out my touch event 🙂

And Debi from S-VILLE came over, hii!

We had a nice nap on my beds…

… and I introduced her my pet Fatty Brenda, the ocean sunfish. :mrgreen:

Watching together TV was also fun. 🙂

Later on Beth from awesome dropped by (with the crown) 🙂

She’s also a very kind person, we chit-chatted a lot ^^

In the end liz from texas was also there, but I had to go soon, sorry about that liz… 😦

Thanks for the big fun, girls!!! 😀



  1. a lot of pics have x and then apper today

  2. tee hee… i loooove fatty brenda! 😉

  3. Whats wrong with your camera? i dont get it….

    • The colours are sometimes too bright and too colourful. Look at my face it’s too whiten there.

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