Posted by: Mayu | October 11, 2009

Jessica, Claire and Candy

Today I was pretty busy as we were visiting my parents but when we came home I opened my gates for Jessica from Disney. She found me on ACC online and wrote me a nice message and that’s why I wanted to meet her up ^^

Here she is! 😀

Welcome to Mitsukyo dear Jessica! She had such a nice royal umbrella pattern and I wanted to show you that in more detail, but when another visitor wanted to come, Wifi crashed badly and Jessica didn’t come back… 😦

But I had Claire from Pixelpop and Candy from Cutiepop as my visits, woot! 😀

Tee hee, you look very cool Claire 8)

And Candy was very happy that she could fetch all the good acorns from my town that she can complete her mushroom furniture set. And I was happy that my acorns were at least useful and that I got rid of them 😛 😆
Well, I haven’t had much time left to play as it was already 11PM here, but I had a lot of fun with you ^^. Jessica, I hope we can meet up soon again 😉



  1. Hey Mayu!
    I have been a kind of silent reader of your blog,and I think it is awesome. ^^

    • Aww thanks a lot Bethany, I appreciate your comment 🙂

  2. OMG!!! i should set up my wi fi so i can come to ur town!!!!!!! my town is named Texas and my character is named Natnat….. i love ur acww photo diary!!!!

    • Aww that’s a cute name Natnat x3
      You don’t have Wifi? 🙂

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