Posted by: Mayu | October 10, 2009

Yuki’s trips through sleepy towns

Saturday was funnily very quiet ^^. First I opened with Miki but as no one came after 30 min I thought I could try to play with Yuki instead 😉 . And she found many open towns as there were:

The town Keinton of Steph ^^. It’s my first time here, so nice to meet you, sleepy Steph :mrgreen:

Aww, this town is also full of beautiful flowers and patterns 🙂

Inside her house this big Papa Panda was very amazing 😮 .

And the lovely room combined with the cloud carpet is also really pretty ~♥

Then I went to Dogpatch and I was surprised by the Halloween designs there:

Hahaha, look at this awesome Nook grave pattern!!! 😆 😆
These patterns are great!! 😀

Thelma’s house was also very spooky, eeeeek! xP

But the kitchen is so lovely! ^^

Shhhhh…. please be quiet, I don’t want to wake up the scary witch Thelma… :mrgreen:

Next stop was Jenn in Bethany, yay. She had to restart her town recently as she had a big problem with her old one (the game always freezed when she’d tried to start)

Hi Jenn, nice to see you again, even if you’re sleeping 😛 tee hee! (or are you stuck under your pattern oO )

Aww such a cute house again 🙂

Yay, she’s collected a lot of mushroom furniture yet ^^

But let’s go on with visiting other towns xP (tee hee, actually I saw 5 open towns tonight 😀 )

Here I am in Maggie’s town Cloud 9 again! I love these colourful patterns ^^

Sleepy Maggie’s feet are also eaten by the panda pattern 😛

Vertical bridges are the best way to cover with patterns, and this is a very cute bridge ^^

Haha, Antonio looks lovely with this big colourful heart pattern 😆

And my last visit for today is:

Nancy from Fantasia, I also never have been there before ^^. It’s so nice to see such a lot of open towns, isn’t it? 😀

Whoa, that’s an excellent guide through the town, it was indeed very helpfull to find all the important buildings in Fantasia!! 😀

And look at these awesome patterns!!! ~♥ I liked the sparkling effect of the hedges 😀

Just wooooow!!! 😮

In front of Nancy’s house ^^ I still haven’t found her yet. Most people stand in front of the townhall or in front of the house when they play offline 😛

What an interesting room full of exciting items! 😀

And finally I found her… in her bed!! LOL Well, that’s the best place to sleep indeed!!

I had a lovely evening and enjoyed exploring all the different towns. Thanks for letting me visit!!! 😀 😀



  1. Lol, lots of sleepy heads.

  2. awwww you look cute in the bunny ears i wish i could hug your character i like soft stuff =D

    • xD hehehe, thanks pinguini56, the bunny hat looks really cosy 😉

      • go bunnies ho hop hop i finally wified people

  3. Wow, Fantasia looks awesome. Heehee, I has Hello Kitty patterns at random in my town too.

  4. Oh mayu! Are you on now?

  5. LOL!!!!!!!!!
    😆 lololololol

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