Posted by: Mayu | October 8, 2009

My quiet but very nice evening with Herti-pi

One of the rare moments happened tonight in Mitsukyo ^^, I only had one visitor and it was Herti-pi xD

Hii, thanks for your visit 🙂

Herti-pi picked some of my free acorns (I still have loads in my town, I even couldn’t put them all into this area, many are lying under the trees, too)

And we visited my newest neighbour Tank from HEATH ^^

But besides that we had a lovely chit-chat and went fishing, all was calm and very relaxing.
Thanks Herti-pi for your company 😉



  1. Aw you posted about it after all! Thanks : )

    And, have you seen Summer?
    I havent seen her for almost a week! :O

    • Oh no! Post missing signs all over :mrgreen:

  2. Hi Mayu! I was wondering if you have visted my site lately??? 😈

    Em. 😈

    • I did now lol

  3. helloooo im boooooooored lol

  4. emily go to summers chat to talk to me plz reply

  5. Tank has a funny dress on

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