Posted by: Mayu | October 8, 2009

I’ll join WordPress Logo Fun Contest

Teehee, today I’ve found a nice contest on WordPress. 🙂
They ask people to create pictures/photos combined with their WordPress Logo, the .
Look here for further detail:Support Hours and WordPress Logo Fun

Well, as my blog is about the Nintendo DS game “Animal Crossing Wild World” (just explaining for potential visitors from there xP) I decided to make a pattern about it and use it in my gameplay 😉

So here’s my entry with these pictures:

You can see the logo better on this pic:

I know, that other people can create wonderful photorealistic impressions with the WordPress Logo and I’ve got no chance with these, but I had lot of fun and this fits best to my blog 😉

Thanks a lot for viewing,
greetings from AC-obsessed-oman Mayu

PS: Hey, to all my WordPress bloggers in my blogroll, don’t you want to participate on this contest, too? 😀 Be creative, it’s fun 😉



  1. They are really beautiful, Mayu! 😀 Even if you didn’t win, it’s good that you had fun making them! 😉

    • Hello Me! lol 😀

      • Haha, Hi there Julie! 🙂 How are you doing?

        • lol, just fine, Julie! 😆
          Well today we are movin everything onto a big ol truck
          and tomorrow at 1:00PM we are going on a plane 🙂

          • whoa, that sounds like a big adventure! 😀 Have fun ^^

          • Wow! Sounds like your really busy! Hope you have fun! 🙂

            • Hi everyone!! 😀
              We made it to Tennisee!
              We are just waiting for the furniture to get here. 😉

              • Glad to hear you got there safe! 😉

              • Heeey, that’s good that you made it safe there 😀 And you even got Internet, woot! 😀

                • My uncle and grandpa with most of the furniture
                  shall get here about wedsday night or Thursday morning…then My uncle will edit wifi so it works with our DS’s. I shall look forward to getting my new fc! 😉

  2. omg nook is buying turnips for 402!!!!=D

  3. Looking good!

  4. picture with boone xP

    • -.- he was the only one, who came near the wordpress logo…ha…ha…ha!!

  5. wow das sieht super aus!

  6. Cool! Your pattern work is always so perfect! 😀 Good luck in this contest!

    Haha the logo matches Kong’s nose 😛

  7. Heehee, I think I will take part, but I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from copying you Mayu! This is brilliant, good luck 😉

  8. hiya u know halloween i maybe round my friend for ages so ill see if we can share wifi by the way if we can what are you going as im either king tut or a witch my friends gunna be a mummy i think

    • I think I would wear the bone hat and a skeleton shirt 😉

      • kool well get them ready and we’ll see if wifi will work 🙂

  9. Hm, I would wear the spiderweb shirt and carry the spider umbrella

  10. aww that´s a really nice pattern 😀

  11. Mayu can you add my chatbox? oh and btw how do you make the chatboxes appear on the side colum?

    • Well we discussed it in my town yesterday 😉

      And wordpress offered a new feature in the widget section, where you can easily add an image and a combined url together without knowing of any html-codes what I tried to explain to several people before, yay!
      So to add your chatbox you’ll need a nice image to click on and upload it onto your wordpress account or on imageshack or whatever. Then go to “My Dashboard” – “Appearance”-“Widgets” and there drag an “Image”-Widget to the right side into your sidebar. Click on the widget to make the settings.
      In “widget title” you can add your title of course xP like “My chat room” or something else.
      in “Image URL” put your direct link to your image for the chatroom
      The three other lines you can leave blank
      Then in “Image Alignment” I would suggest to put it “Center” (looks better)
      If the image is too big set the width to maybe 150 if you’re using my same ocean theme.
      Then to the most important setting: Put your chatroom link into the “Link URL (when the image is clicked): ” line and don’t forget to save all your settings ^^
      I hope you’ll have success 😀

  12. I’ll join too!^^ this should be fun!

  13. Beautiful! 🙂

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