Posted by: Mayu | October 7, 2009

Sad pharao and superquick visit to Lucy

So I opened my gates after my visit to Kawaii and Cindy and me visited my neighbours:

Tee hee, look at Blaire’s tail, it’s crossing the wall xP

Then Louise dropped by, hello! But… what’s that? When you look closer…

…the tut king mask looks so sad?!? 😯 😯 Hahaha what a funny pic, I only realised it when I edited my pictures, when we played I didn’t see that xP.

Ohh later on Candy from Cutiepop was also there, now I’ve got Cindy and Candy on my side :mrgreen:

Cindy had to go and Bree came instead. Here she just changed her hairstyle, when suddenly Wifi crashed, nooo!

Another opening try and Bella got through! Hii! 😀 But soon after that Wifi crashed another time, argh!!! 👿 Well I had to finish anyway, as it was almost bedtime for me.

But then I saw Lucy’s comment on my blog, that she wanted to fetch her flowers…
As it’s always difficult to meet her or Cody up, I decided to take a quick visit to HEATH for just 5 min xP

Hi Lucy, long time no see, nice to meet you again 😉

Plop, plop, plop here are your flowers, and sorry that I had to go that soon xP. But Lucy also seemed to be busy as she also said that she had to go 😉
Hopefully we can meet up for a longer time next meeting ^^



  1. Miki! I din’dt leave?! I was in you house xP ^^ and then when I came back WIFI was crashed x’) And ugly resetti was on the screen! x’)

    • Ahh sorry, I wasn’t sure who left my town xP

  2. hiii miki
    how r u? sry about tht night i tried 2 cum bk but i had wifi errors and then ur twn was full 😥 i hope 2 wifi again soon 😉
    frm Lou

    • Hi Louise thanks I’m fine ^^
      Ohh sorry about that, but it was nice, that you came over 🙂

  3. miss mayu ty for the flowers but they died i watered them but they died

    • Awww what a pity, how could that happen? Normally when you water the withered ones, they won’t die… ❓
      Or did you time travel?

      btw, your Tank moved to my town 😉

  4. That King Tut’s mask is so strange! Did you ever find out why it was different? Can items be edited by the player? 😯

    • No they can’t be edited. It’s just a coincidence that my camera took that pic of such a strange angle… I think as the charas are always moving somehow, it what just luck, that I took such a sad face in that moment 😛

  5. mayu do like acww

    • Ummm that’s obvious isn’t it? xD I love it!!!

  6. what do you like about acww

    • I like the world wide idea of it, the free chat system, the lovely charas and environment, the opportunity to make your town very individual, the selfdesigned patterns, and besides all to meet a lot of kind friends all over the world 😀 😀
      And you? ^^

  7. i love the flowers and make friends the new items and your my best friend mayu

    • aww thanks a lot lucy 😀

  8. lol! cuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttte!

  9. Go Mayu!
    I love how you post the pics on this site!
    I rate this place ***** stars!

    • Awww thanks a lot Samia xD ~♥

  10. I Love The Sad King Tut

  11. Poor Tut.

  12. That’s what I was thinking!

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