Posted by: Mayu | October 7, 2009

Beautiful Cindy from beautiful Kawaii

Yay, finally I was able to meet Cindy, you also know her as Happi, again! 😀 😀
This time I went to her town Kawaii, I haven’t seen it yet, I know, I’m really lame sometimes 🙄

Whoa, look at this tanned beauty Cindy!! 😮 You’re so pretty! 😀

Awww what a cute butterfly~♥

Kawaii is an amazing town, everywhere LOADS of hybrids, the pathes are soo cute, you could always find another nice spot, I can’t show it all to you, you have to see it with your own eyes xD

Cindy even has got a golden item area, where visitors can choose one for free!
How generous! 😮

I liked especially the pathes, those little flowers in the center are cute x3!

Hahaha, Baabara’s catchphrase is bäätterfly?? 😆

Oh, she has also used my frog-pattern, thanks a lot!! 😳 x3

And a big thank you for this wonderful red shirt pattern!! 😀 Cindy has designed it herself, aren’t we both sweeeet?!? :mrgreen:

After exploring her town we both went to my town, to be continued in my next post 😉




    • Oh nooo! 😦
      Vesta also wanted to leave my town yesterday 👿 !!!

  2. hey cindy!!! your monkey(in german steffi) moved to my town……i never had a monkey before!!! =3

    • Hi Marie awww you mean the kinda ugly monkey with the glasses and fat lips (I think her name is Elise)? xP 😆
      But nice that you have one of the rare neighbours ^^

      • HEY!! i think she´s very gorgeos ^.^ and dont forget her big mole (schönheitsfleck?)…!! hi hi XD

        • umm mole sounds like the mole Resetti xP
          I think it was a beauty spot or something like that 😆

  3. Hehe.. Baarbara erinnert mich an eine Lateinlehrerin (hab kein Latein) die auch Barbara heißt und alle haben sie geärgert und sagen immer “Baarrbaarbaarr” oder “Baarriibaarriibaarrii” lol
    Wir lachen uns dann immer voll kaputt 🙂
    Aber gemein ist das schon…

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