Posted by: Mayu | October 5, 2009

Free acorn area

Monday was just a short ACWW gameplay for me 😉
My visitors were:

Larissa from Grüntal :D, hii!

And Louise from Volterra dropped by, hooray!

I showed all my new free acorns area. This year I won’t collect my acorns to give them Cornimer, because it’s already my fourth acorn festival, and I don’t want to have another mush furniture theme in my cupboard 😆 So I thought, maybe the acorns will help my visitors 😉

Sigh, such a cute pic of Larissa and me is messed up with my turnips on the ground xP

Oh, and Jane from BomberLu was also there, her dress is sooo pretty ~♥. We also chit-chatted a lot and it was real fun with all three girls ^^.



  1. wow i completely forgot the acon festival started!

    • luckily you realised it early enough to get all mushroom furniture 😉

  2. I want some acorns, please could you meet me tommorow, and bring some (usual time)?

    • Sorry I can’t promise as I have to meet Larissa first 😦
      She desperately wants her Bunnie back and Bunnie just moved out of my town today, so the first person I have to meet is her, that my Bunnie will go into her town (if she’s still in my ‘9th house’ – the imaginary house where all moved out neighbours are and once we visit other towns, our 9th house neighbours will swap)

      • Ok all settled now, if you can, come over now 😉

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