Posted by: Mayu | October 4, 2009

Meeting up Leesh, Meow, Maggie and Nicola again

It was late again, when I got time to play ACWW in the evening. I actually had to rush, because I had a date with Leesh and Meow at 9PM my time, every second sunday we try to meet up in my town 😉 .

I picked up Meow from her town as I thought that Leesh might be already there (I saw two people in Funky), but it turned it out it was Jenny who visited Meow earlier. Here we are back in my town, visiting Bunnie, the former neighbour of Larissa 😉

And Maggie came for a visit, woot! 😀

Finally Leesh was also there, she misssed my last comment where I’ve written that I might be able to open, but I was glad, that she could finally come 😀

You both look very cute, Maggie and Leesh 🙂

Lol, Meow could be seen easily from the very far, thanks to her great afro wig xP. She was just watering my withered flowers, aww thanks a lot for it 😉

Yay, lighting up fireworks is still big fun!! 😀

So cute! x3

When Maggie had to go, Nicola from Peekaboo came in, welcome! 😀

Yes, adults do also have loads of fun with whacking people 😆 :mrgreen:

In Vesta’s house Leesh and I were fascinated about the thriller 😮

And we had a lot of fun with fishing, although fish and bugs are quite boring this month 😉

Hope to see you all soon again 😀



  1. That fireworks pic is beyong cute…IT’S SO KAWAII! :3

  2. Let’s try for Sunday, October 18th, the usual time. Look forward to playing again…

    • Hi Leesh ^^
      Yes, would be really nice to meet up again 🙂 See you hopefully on Sunday 😉

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