Posted by: Mayu | October 3, 2009

Cheeky Tabby

Sorry for the very late update of my blog, but I really don’t have much time in the next 2 weeks, I’m glad when I actually can answer all your comments here. So please bare with me, when the reports about our meeting come 3~4 days later than usual 😦

So let me tell you now about my Saturday evening 😉

As visitors I had Jane (here right on the pic), Marie and Bree ^^.

This week was a total mess with turnip prices 😦 . So I had to sell all my turnips for lousy 76 bells!! 😥 (I paid 101 for them 😦 )

Marie at the left and Jane were picking some hybrids ^^

A pic closer of us, but where’s Bree?? xD Sorry, I still haven’t got a good pic of her in my town yet. But when we went to Bree’s town Paris I finally got one of her:

Ahh here is Bree! 🙂 And look at the awesome hedge patterns in front of the neighbour’s house 😮 , her town has a total new look with all the cute patterns everywhere ^^

And Bree has got Tabby in her town, yay. I like her very much she’s so funny xD. Here she says’ Tabby is my name. I love my nose, my eyes and my mouth…’ LOL well at least she’s happy with her look xD

‘…and my GENIAL brain of course!!!’ Yeah, of course, Tabby!!! 😆 :mrgreen:

She was looking for a new shirt, because she spoiled her with hot dog sauce 😆 but when I offered her my shirt she said:

‘Miki? This Fern shirt is ca. 400 sizes too big!’ Pardon??? Are you telling me, Tabby, that I’m too FAT?!? 👿 LOL 😆

To Herti-pi Tabby was way nicer than to me. She got three presents from her, I not one single item, grr! Well you can see that they both like each other a lot.

Hahaha, look at Tabby’s relaxed face when Herti-pi was rubbing her back xP .
So that’s your secret how you got that many presents, Herti-pi, lol.

I was still very pleased about Bree’s meadow. Look a new boat is also there now, yay!

From left to right: Jane, Bree, me and Herti-pi, we tried to stand on the hedge, tee hee!

It was a lovely evening!! Thanks @ all! 😉



  1. Ha ha! I like the pic of you guys standing on the hedge! Don’t fall through!!! Lol Candy xxx PS: If anyone watches the X factor who do you think’s gonna win???!!!! Eeeeek! I’m EXCITED!

  2. hiya paige again i was playing animal crossing lets go to the city and nook loves me on it he said 101 bells per turnip :O

    • Big Deal. It can go 5x the size of that.

    • uh, that’s not really much Paige 😉
      Hardly any win when you bought them for example like 100bells per turnips 😛
      A good price would be 250 and more (up to 650)

  3. Tabbyyyyy ♫ ♪

    I hope she’s moving to my town. I really miss her ugly face!

  4. I don’t know why, but the comment from Heartypie made me laugh so much!

    “I miss her ugly face.”


    Zoe xx

  5. hey someone umm im thinking on making an acww blog should i try it ??

    • sure! why not? 😀

  6. mah gates are open code and info in ill be open for 30 minutes

  7. …when we all wanted to go to Bree´s Town Paris, i couldn´t !! The town was full 😦
    But luckily at that time the gates of Noni´s town Noni Ni…were open!! Noni´s town was AMAZING ! 😀
    the maze was my favourite!

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