Posted by: Mayu | October 2, 2009

OMG – all these cool stuff for free!

Later on I saw another gate open, it was that of Geuze, yay! 🙂

Ohh there were a lot of visitors – at the very left is Liz, the white haired girl is Geuze and in the back it’s Nicola from Peekaboo 😉
We all were enjoying Geuze HUGE give-away area, it’s really amazing what Geuze is all offering to her visitors. We can even take every flower we want, also even RUN through all of them if we have fun with it oO (nooo, I never can’t do that lol), she’s really a super nice and super generous woman 😮

Let’s try to make close-up pics from everyone ^^. This is Liz from texas 😀

Nicola in her cute purple shirt/glasses/umbrella combination 🙂

You can see the huge give-away area better on this pic, Geuze even offered golden tools xD, wow!

When I was strolling around I found this neat spot ^^. I asked what meaning the E-pattern has, and Geuze answered that this spot is dedicated to her friend Erikka, who likes to stand at this spot 🙂

The same with this area, the “D” stands for Devon, another friend of Geuze, but it’s not the DeVon I know also as Meow 😉

This is Beth, she came later when someone left the town (I forgot who it was)

And finally a close-up pic of the host Geuze, thanks a lot for having me in your town and all the fun we had ^^



  1. mayu, can you please get me all the mush stuff from the acorn festival? i used to have it in star island and i would like it again lol but i only have fruit trees 😦

    • I’ll just ask my son to give me the furniture theme 😉 btw – my Friday mornings will be hard to play in the next 2 weeks, as my family has autumn holidays (and we sleep long in the mornings xP) sorry about that 😦

  2. How can they have acorn trees?
    If I remember right my acorns always were lying on the ground?

    • That are pure cheated acorn trees, otherwise you’re right and you’ll never see acorns on the trees 😉

      • Acorn trees are adorable though. 😀

  3. What a nice town!!!! =3

    • Hey, nice ava Marie xD tee hee

      • ha ha, ich bedanke mich bei deiner kamera^^ 😀

  4. Awesome!I totally love it!

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