Posted by: Mayu | October 2, 2009

Gyroid concert in Bethany

In the late evening, when nothing interesting was on TV, I decided to play ACWW again xP
This time I went to Jenn’s town Bethany ^^:

“Chrrrrr chrrrrrr *drool* chhhrrrrr chhrrrrr” Ohh Jenn, you look sooo tired! 😆 :mrgreen:

But nice to be in Bethany again… again?? Wait, it looks all new to me, does that mean I was never in her town before?? 😯 I can’t remember these awesome path patterns nor the golden roses, oh my, I know Jenn for almost 5 month and I never visited her once, how embarassing!! 😦 Sorry about that, Jenn 😳

Aww, look at this nice Give-away spot 🙂 (and the cute sleepy face of Jenn hahaha)

I bought these yellow stuff from her Ables and went to her house to have a peep inside… ^^

Yaay, a lot of dancing gyroids in the back room 🙂

Wooot, and a whole group of them in the left room, it was really amazing xD. The gyroid in front of me has got the groooooove 8)

Oh I also met Liz from texas in Bethany, hiii, it’s nice to meet you again 😉
But then I had to go suddenly, I was busy at home.
Jenn, I had a lot of fun in your town and hope to see you soon again 😀



  1. can i come to your town oh and dont be scared im not a stranger im an 11 year old girl and is your town ds or gamecube

  2. Aww… Jenn looks soo uber cute when she’s asleep!

  3. Cute. 🙂

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