Posted by: Mayu | October 2, 2009

4-eyed Larissa

Again just a few pics of tonight’s guests 😉

This sombrero girl is Marie from Bikini B, she looks very pretty on this pic ^^

And Bree from Paris was also there, yay! 😀 Teehee, we have the same shirts, Marie xD

Larissa was still looking for a person who might have Bunnie in his town. She lost her favourite neighbour accidently and is very sad about it.
(PS: Larissa, your Bunnie moved to my town in the late evening!! xD)

Having a chit-chat in my warm living room ^^

After that we went fishing. Whoa, Larissa, you almost look like the Simpson fish Blinky(?) 😆

After a while Marie had to go and Candy came for a visit ^^. She’s been waiting for a long time until finally someone left my town, tee hee, but thanks for being so patient 😉
Oops, sorry Candy, I just got this lousy pic of you 😦 . Actually I made 5 of the same spot, but all went blurry, this was the less blurried picture of all 😳



  1. WINNIE POO !!! HEE HEE =3

    ……larissa im glad that you found your bunnie again ;D

  2. hi my gates are open anyone can come except mean people who ruin towns!!!! lol

  3. Today on my chara, Pumpkin(heart) I caught a coelacanth! AND THAT WAS HER FIRST EVER FISH!! 😯

    • Hahaha, that’s awesome lol

  4. OMG!
    I’m soooooooooooooo lucky!!!
    Best town which Bunnie could move xD.
    Aww that’s so great! [:
    So if Bunnie want to move, please tell me, okay?
    I won’t Wifi with any other this time, but please be much mean to her….muhahaha :DD.

    • Haha, thanks Larissa xD
      I’ll tell you once she wants to move out and try not to Wifi during that time 😉

      • Okay thank u so so much ♥

  5. Who is Blinky?

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