Posted by: Mayu | October 2, 2009

3.44AM in S-Ville…

…is a very strange time to visit someone in ACWW xD 😆
But WWAG, my recent ACWW adult group I joined, let things like this happen, woot! 😉

Here I said “hi” to Debi, but there was no answer 😛 , well usually you sleep at that time, tee hee.

So I was exploring her beautiful town 🙂 :

Ahh, there is Debi, just a few steps downwards. Sleep well, lil’ Debi ~♥

What a lovely spot here!! 😮 I really love to see new towns, everyone’s is so individual, it’s no difference between adults and kids, all take a lot of effort to decorate their town and everyone’s look different 😉

The colour mix of the yellow and dark purple tulips are pretty! And the patterns are just great! 😀

Hahaha xD, when I entered her room I heard a noisy “beeeep” and realised that it comes from the TV. At this time it’s showing only an ummm in German we say “Testbild” – “test picture”, I wonder if they can still be seen in the very late night? But I think not… in my childhood it was quite common that after 12AM the broadcasters kept showing this testpic, well we also had only three different broadcasters at that time hahaha 😆 (maaan, I sound like a granny xP )

But I found several neighbours, who are still awake at this early time oO, I took a pic of Roscoe, he was the loveliest of S-Ville’s neighbours 🙂

Thanks for letting me visit, Debi 🙂



  1. The TV isn’ton very late at night. I know cuz I’ve spent all night on ACWW once xP

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