Posted by: Mayu | October 1, 2009

October starts with Damian, Bella, Gemma and Larissa

I didn’t take a lot of pics tonight but I want to show you at least the few I’ve taken 😉 :

Damian was my first visitor but he left town soon, to let his sister Bella come to Mitsukyo.

Gemma came earlier (with the hero mask) and the blonde bun girl next to me is Bella from Paradise, hello 🙂

Argh, what a weird pic again -.-

Only one pic of Larissa, awww xP, many spare hybrids were growing in the last few days so I was quite happy that they took some of that area ^^

We love fishing ^^, although October is really boring with fish and bugs 😦 .
But hey, Bella seems to have a lot of fun 😆

Doesn’t she look cute with this star hairpin and her sleepy eyes? 😉

Well, that was all, I had fun!! 🙂



  1. Damian wifi just crashed after 4 seconds- arent you coming back? 😥

  2. cant

  3. y

  4. Damian?

    • im here srry couldnt get on

  5. I’m thinking of building a new town but I can’t think of any good names.
    I was wondering if you had a nice name?
    Miss you,

  6. uh.. Samia from StarCity (matching towns ;))
    Samia from Redwood…
    Miss you to!

  7. oh,yeah!
    Samia from Paradise
    Samia from Sunset

  8. hmm…
    Come to my town!!!!!!!!!
    Sunset is nice…

  9. k

  10. Can you come over?

  11. Can you come over

    • i cant see your gates… 😦

  12. Also I’m not rebuilding my town untill xmas because I want to have an ar before I do it.

  13. How can u have starcity and hoenn?

  14. i went to new jersey a couple of days ago

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