Posted by: Mayu | September 30, 2009

My morning with Geuze

This morning Geuze was visiting me, it was her first time in Mitsukyo ^^:

Also welcome to Germany! 😀

She liked my patterns, thanks for all the compliments you gave me, tee hee xD

I showed her my house and was introducing her my pet ocean sunfish – FB. The real name you can see in the pic 😉

Geuze seemed to be starved out when I offered her a piece of cake… 😆 :mrgreen:

After tea we had a little nap 😛

And watched TV, we couldn’t miss our beloved super hero serie: Go, K.K. Rider!!!

We made a bet of who’s winning this fight. My scorpion was sooo weak! 😦

Strolling around the fossil area, it has been a while when I visited it. Once the museum is completed I have no interest to visit it anymore, do you feel the same? 😆

Whoa! Geuze had the guts to wear this Bikini and go swimming in my little pool xD. BRRRRRRR!! It’s autumn, and Germany is kinda cold now xP

Oh and she showed me a funny thing of using the AR. She had a text mode chat, where she can also write words instead of hexcodes and it looks very random what you’ll get. Here she said “Cinderella” (when I remember right) and this cage went to her first slot. So, let’s see what that might be?

Lol, it’s a tarantula xD. That’s cool! 8)

When she said “Sissy!!!” she got a char 😆 and there were several other words that turned into a bike helmet, a cradle and also shirts or wallpapers.
I had a lot of fun, thanks for your visit, Geuze 😀 😀



  1. Haha, one of my friends town is called Paris

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