Posted by: Mayu | September 30, 2009

Meeting Thelma, Debi and Unkochan in Dogpatch :)

This afternoon I was looking for open gates with Yuki again and found Thelma’s town Dogpatch:

Yay, nice to be here again! And wow, I liked these leaf patterns, they’re made by Meow, she improved it a lot 😮 ! Awesome!

Hi Thelma! 😀 Now I’ve got a nice pic of you, and not only one hidden behind another friend 😛 😉

And Debi came for a visit, yay! 😀

Nice to meet you, too, Debi ^^. It’s great to get to know to such a lot of new friendly people 🙂

Dogpatch is such a lovely town, everywhere you can see flowers and loads of hybrids, gyroids, nice patterns… just amazing!

It was still around 8AM morning, and almost all neighbours were still sleeping, such sleepy heads lol

Yay, I’ve found this cute pattern at Ables. Can you guess what it is?

It’s the flag of the United States, how cool!

In the end Unkochan came also for a visit, but I only got this tiny pic of her 😛 , sorry about that.

Hope to see you all soon again ^^



  1. I miss playing with you, Thelma and Meow – my only online friends. Hopefully we can play soon. Let me know if Yuki would like to play at 3 pm/9 pm this Sunday.

    I haven’t been playing or blogging much…work life has been keeping me busy.

    • Hii Leesh, nice to read from you again 😀 😀
      Yes, I think I can manage this to open my gates at 9PM, would be very sweet to meet you up again ^^

      If I can’t Wifi I’ll tell you here on my blog.

  2. can i go that town plz

    • No that’s not possible, because you’re not over 25 😉

  3. do you wanna have a acww party on an acww

  4. I thought that I would get an email notifying me of your comment but I didn’t and it’s 3:30 pm on Sunday now. I am going to see if your gate is still open. Sorry!

    • Luckily we were able to meet up. Thanks for the fun ^^

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