Posted by: Mayu | September 30, 2009

First Mitsukyo, then Cutiepop

Holliee from Lua Nova, Sorcha and Herti-pi came to my town after the Car Boot.

While Herti-pi and Sorcha were selling their turnips, Holliee took the chance to touch the furniture items. Tomorrow I’m going to change the themes again 😉

Holliee, Herti-pi and me in my spare hybrid area.

Awww, what a pretty dress you’re wearing, Holliee 😮 !

When Herti-pi had to go, Candy from Cutiepop dropped by. Haha, a yellow footballer with yellow umbrella was funny to see xD . She also wanted to sell turnips, but I offered here to fetch them from Cutiepop, because I don’t know if my town will be still one spot free when she tries to come back again.

So here I’m waiting in Cutiepop for Candy’s turnips 🙂

That was my first load, one turnip spot is free, because Candy ate it accidently when she was laying them down to the ground xP (that also happens often to me, such an expensive snack!!)

286.340 bells is not such a bad price 😉

All in all I’ve sold 3 loads for Candy and after that I looked a little around before I had to go. Nice picnic blanket here ^^

And you’ll never guess what that is… it’s a giant beach towel 😆 that was really funny! xD

From next week on I won’t be able to play that regularly like it’s written on my sidebar, because my family is at home due to autumn holidays, and I also want to take a little pause to spend more time with them 🙂 . But don’t worry, I’ll keep playing from time to time during the 2 weeks, but not every day 😉



  1. … I dont see it.
    Oooh! And thats sooo cool, as I have my hols in 3 weeks, and we’ll be able to wifi.

    PS Im collecting acorns, 100bells each, NO ROTTEN ONES!!

  2. hey mayu what is that plant by hollie?

    • Oh it’s a jacob’s ladder, you can only get them when your town is perfect ^^

  3. yeah, im selling my own home grown fruit that i have in acww, 100 Bells each
    too coz’ well it’s MY FRUIT oh and you like have to make a apointment first
    teehee, hope to see you soon:)

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