Posted by: Mayu | September 25, 2009

Awesome patterns everywhere!

Miki was busy today, she met many old and new friends and it was really fun to meet you all up ^^
It all started with Tilly this morning:

I love being in Zikkopop, the Welcome tiles and the AFK pattern are really pretty ^^

But Wifi was bad in the morning, it lagged a lot and finally it also crashed. When I was opening my gates, we also had only a few minutes to play after it crashed another time… 😦 I hope we can meet up next Friday without any disturbances Tilly, thanks anyway for your nice visit 😉

In the evening I had Marie (left), Bree (blonde bun) and Larissa (in the back) as visitors ^^. Bree and Larissa fetched their money what they’ve earned from the turnip trade, all in all it was a very big amount of bells ^^

We decided to go to Larissa’s town Grüntal, as she had no space left for the rest of the money. I promised to bring the 4 bell bags with me.

Yay, finally I saw this awesome boat pattern 🙂 Last time I didn’t have enough time to explore her town completely, so I missed it. Your boat looks really cool, Larissa ~♥

Here we’re in Bree’s town Paris now. Whoa 😯 look at this pretty vegetable garden behind her house!! That’s gorgeous!

That’s Summer’s Meadow (Bree is Summer), how cute!!

Oh next to Marie is Candy from Cutiepop, she’s just walking above the fire oO 😆 what’s that in front of the campfire? Hot chocolate with whipped cream? Yummmyy~♥

Well, the cream she gets from her two cows lol. xD You have really a pretty and cute town now Bree, I loved it! 🙂

Candy gave me two of her patterns that she has layed down in her town. An adult friend of me were asking for them and she’s very happy now, thanks again dear Candy ^^

Later on I opened my gates again and Jane came through, woot!

And Candy and me found this nice rainbow stag on a tree, but we both had it already 😉

Tee hee, the oak silk moth looks much more impressive than the rainbow stag.
Damian also dropped by and we all went soon to his new town Paradise:

xD What a nice entrance Damian ^^

Damian told us to chop down every non fruit tree, and Jane and me were really busy doing that 😉


After we’ve chopped all down, we digged also out the stumps and then I had to go home as it was already too late for me 😉



  1. Heyy Mayu!
    Aww thanks for posting about my town ^^
    That was a really fun time!
    Thanks for coming!!


  2. Hey Mayu!
    I love to read you entry’s you seem to have so much fun, i want to get wi-fi ;D I just wanted to let you know that taht boat patterns is Made by Katrina @ Katrina’s Cranny!!!!!!!!!! byyeeeeee

    • Thanks for the info lilyxo ^^ and I hope you get Wi-fi somehow soon xD
      Without Wifi I’m sure that I hadn’t played ACWW for that long like now, I would have stopped playing for maximum after 1 year when I’ve seen all events and seasons.

  3. hi. could i by any chance visit your town? id really like to meet u ^.^

    • What are your details heather? 🙂

  4. name:heather

    is there any chance that i could buy or have the patterns you have? (boat, mushrooms, fense and cows)

    and how do you take pictures that good on a ds? do you have a dsi or something or do u just take them from a camera?

  5. thanksss! are you busy at all this week?

  6. thanksss! are you busy at all this weekend?

    right now for me its 9:35p.m. (est time)

  7. the links arent working for katrinas page 😦

    • Oh thanks for the info, I’ll check them again

      edit: I clicked on them and it’s working? ❓ Has anyone else got the same problem?

  8. what is the shiny pink thing in the river in the fifth picture?

  9. Oh that was one flower of her flower emotion 😉

  10. Oh okay.Just curious!

  11. mayu when are you free?

  12. Mayu can you tell me how to get 100,000,000 Bells?

  13. Hey
    i love your website its kewl!
    and the patterns are awesome =]

    • Thanks a lot Ollivia 😀

  14. Hi Mayu! My birthday’s monday! (Hope my flu doesn’t carry on through it) Just thought I would say hI i guess!

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