Posted by: Mayu | September 24, 2009

Morning play with Jaimee and Tilly ^^

Yay, I had 30min time to play this morning and as I’ve found Tilly and Jaimee on my blog, I was happy to meet them up in ACWW too ^^.

Jaimee was the first one who came to Mitsukyo 🙂 . Aww I like your shirt very much, it’s one of my favourites in this game ^^

And here’s Tilly, with her famous 1UP-cap and triangle shades 😉

Hahaha, I luckily got a pic of Jaimee, who wanted to try out if you also can eat an orange with a gasmask on your face xP. Well, it works the same way like the hockey mask 😛 😆 The next try should be the pacifier ^^

A short pause from axe-shovel-fighting, because we were chit-chatting lol.

Ohh I got this Mohawk wig as present from Jaimee, and another gift is just falling to the ground xD

LOL, thanks for your laughter Tilly xD 😆 and thanks for your presents Jaimee, 😉 I really enjoyed your visits! 😀



  1. we never actually tried the pacifier lol 😛

    • Haha yes, you’re right, but I bet it will look exactly the same way 😉

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