Posted by: Mayu | September 23, 2009

Fishing fun

Thunderstorm in Mitsukyo again… Four girls tried to have another go with catching a coelacanth as there were:

Jane, Miki and Dawn, but also Larissa who isn’t on this photo 😉

Jane looks so beautiful today 😀

Well, we caught a lot of fish like dabs…

…seabasses!#?$ :evil:… but no coelacanth this evening, what a pity… 😦

Here’s Larissa, with the big nose and the mustache 😆

La, la, la~ it’s fun to catch fish with friends 😀

Whoa, what a big jump Larissa! 😯

And the AFK pattern is really popular now lol, this is made by Larissa. Tilly, you made up a new trend with your AFK pattern 😉



  1. Mario noseeeeee :DDD

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