Posted by: Mayu | September 22, 2009

Cat shrine in Funky

It’s Yuki’s evening again and this time I went to Funky first, as Copper saw her town and told me about it when I wanted to open my gates.

So I dropped in and there was also a new face for me: it’s Steph (left side), a very nice adult player from the town Keinton, nice to meet you ^^. The cute girl at the right is Meow. 🙂

While Steph was writing onto the bulletin board, Jenny from Hampton joined us 😀

Meow told us that she has made two new rooms in her house and I had to check it out, of course. Aaaaaaah, a starman! 😯 I also had this noisy starman once, but I gave it soon away to another one, this speedy-accelerating music is not good for my heart 😆 Actually when I was child and played the Super Mario games, this sound was always stressful for me as it showed me to hurry up to get to the pole as fast as I can xP 😉

That’s one of Meow’s new room: the Cat Shrine! 😀 Whoa!

Isn’t it nice? On the left side and in the back you can see Mitzi’s, Moe’s and Rosie’s pic.

On the right side there are Tangy, Kaitlin&Katie and Kid Cat’s pic. Kiki as the most loved neighbour in Funky has to be at the very front of course 😉

The other new room is this freaky bathroom, hahaha! xD 😆 I always love your rooms Meow, they’re so individual 😉

Outside Meow’s house she showed me her new autumn pattern ~♥

Yay, I’ve found this gas mask at Able’s sisters shop :mrgreen: Now we’re twins, Meow!

Meow was a short while offline, so I dug a pitfall behind her…

… and Jenny pushed her in! :mrgreen: Muhihihihihi! 😈 What a fun! xD

Later on I opened my gates for Meow and Jenny.

Don’t you think that my Tiffany looks really evil on this pic?? 😮

Posie from Posyfarm dropped by, yay! What a pretty shirt you’ve got!

Meow showed me the very stinking and gas poisoning spider she caught in her town! 😯 Go away with it! Look, Posie is going to faint!! 😯

That was a wonderful evening, thanks a lot, Steph, Meow, Jenny and Posie 🙂



  1. lol you said posyLAND not posyFARM 😆

    • Argh, sorry about that Posie 😳

  2. Hahah, yeah! 😛

    I really like your town name, Posie! I would’ve loved to call my town something-farm…Too bad I’m stuck with bland all ‘Tinytown’ forever. 😦
    I called it that because my best friend IRL had that town name, and I thought that if I told Cap’n to take me there, I’d meet her. It didn’t work, but I was happy anyway. I wish I could edit my town name! I don’t want to restart because I LOVE my town’s layout, villagers, and I have tons of patterns and flowers and stuff, the last house upgrade and Nookingtons.
    I’m never restarting. NEVER!

    • Hee-hee thanks Jaimee. 😉 do you have a friend code?
      Aww~ Tinytown is cuuuute! x3 Yeah, before I got the game
      I thought you could share a town too. 😦 Actually in
      Animal crossing city folk to get the silver watering you
      have to buy 50 flowers, after that you recieve a letter from “Posie Farm” lol 😆

      • im trying to get the can too =)

        • Good luck! Your trying in city folk right? silver tools don’t exist in ACWW!

  3. how do u get the starman?

  4. i am opening today at the usual time! please come!!
    i have been opening every day!!!

  5. Wow, Tilly I haven’t seen you in AGES! Can I come too? 🙂
    What time?

    If you don’t still have me added…

    3695 6935 5198

    • ok!!! =)

      • o jaimee i tried re-registering u and i dont think thats ur fc! it doesnt work! =(

    • 5pm my time, i think its the same 4 u

  6. Yes, we both live in Australia. ^^

    I noticed the mistake I made in the FC: here it is again:

    3695 6925 5198

    • okey dokey lol! the only problem is that there are 2 of my friends coming and i kinda wanted miki to meet them…

      are you coming now?

      • wait no its one of the friends XP
        ill register u now

    • ive registered u now, the slow wifi was holf\ding me up

  7. I don’t think Miki is online…And yes, I can come now. ^^ Please register me!

    • yes i dont think shes online either…
      and this person has VERY slow wifi!!! 😯
      ok major lag now!!!
      MAJOR LAG! GOD!!

    • lagging….AGAIN!

  8. o.O

    • jaimee did u power off? u were coming but madonna, my firend, has SLOW

  9. Grrrr! This is taking for EVER!!!!!! LAggggg

  10. Woww… THis is seriously what I call supermassive uber lagg.

    • told u so.
      im reopening, but i hope madonne doesnt coem back!!!!

  11. -_-

    It lagged out.

  12. Hmmm..I guess this person lives far away. Right?

    • no actully!
      maybe 20 30 ks away

      now my ds cant find my wifi usb!!

      can u go on chaT/

  13. Ok, which one?

  14. mayu i didnt get to finish what i was saying when u closed lol so here it is
    plz dont forget to get me a town hall model, museum model and mansion house model plz!!! =D

  15. But she doesn’t hack! O_O

    • her son does 😉

  16. mayu you have ALOT of hits!!!!!!!1


    • Wow, Tilly! Cool! I’ve Never Got That Much!!!! Lucky!!!!

  18. The biggest price I’ve seen was 652! ^^

    • i dont think you can get 652 jaimee, i think it only goes op to 650 lol XP

      • What??!!! Well, maybe it was 642. Lol. I Saw a Youtube video and someone had a 981 bell turnip price!!! O_O

  19. mayu you open now wifi dropped

    • I’m open? Can’t you get in? Come to Summers chat pls

  20. mayu, my wifi isnt responding. i dont think ill come back. =(

    • awww what a pity… 😦 well, you still have holidays next week? Then we meet up soon again, I bet 😉

      • yes, i do =)
        maybe if we can meet on mon/tues/wed it might not be so crowded =D

        • Yep, but then I can only play tuesday in my morning, on monday and wednesday I’m off to do sports lol.

  21. mayu, are you going to do the post from today and yesterday now?
    for some reason lately (im not sure if its just that your busy) but the posts “post” a few days after the date at the top… Oo

    • Yes I’ll do that in the next hour, and you’re right, I’m too busy lately and my post will show up almost 1 or 2 days later than we played, I’m sorry about it 😦

  22. the catroom is my favourite =3

  23. Does Meow have a website? If yes- WHERE!??!
    If no- then she should make one. I really enjoy reading about Meow and you.
    You guys are so funny xD

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