Posted by: Mayu | September 21, 2009

Coelacanth!! And Wifi error 61020!

As I said the post before, after I visited Louise, I opened my gates instead. Louise is at the very right and the flower girl is Larissa, who just came in, too 😀

We all went fishing, because I had thunderstorm in my town – that means good chance to catch a coelacanth! :mrgreen: Oh, Larissa, what is on your bait? 😮

Yay, a hammerhead, nice!

Dawn came for a visit, woohoo! 😀 I also haven’t met her for a long time 😉

♫We’re siiii~ngin’ in the rain, just sin~~~~gin’ what we can~♪

Watching a sleeping chara, makes me also sleepy… *yawn*

But fighting with Dawn kept me awake 😆 (Thanks for the backing, Larissa, lol)

Two coelacanths… Well, OF COURSE NOT!!! That were two seabasses!! 👿

Another one 😦 Awww Larissa, don’t cry, you’ll get your coelacanth some day

A shark is better than a seabass, woot! :mrgreen:

Suddenly Larissa was totally hyper and screamed: YAAAAAAAY! 😯

WOOHOOOOO! She caught a very nice exemplar of coelacanth!! 😀 😀 😀

While Dawn caught a very nice exemplar of… seabass!!! xP 👿 😆

Aww sorry, Louise, I now realise, that I haven’t got any further pics of you on my camera… 😦 I should be really more careful about my pics…
But anyway, when Louise went home suddenly Wifi crashed and I couldn’t open my gates anymore because I always had this error code:

Wifi error code: 61020. It wasn’t me alone because this error code only appears, when Nintendo is doing some work on the Wifi server, that’s why we couldn’t play at all.
Hope to see you soon again 😉



  1. Wow…my first coelacanth *.*
    I’m soooo proud hahaha.
    I was so lucky this evening, your town is perfect for fishing. I also caught my first King Salmon in Mitsukyo. Hopefully I’ll catch my Popedeye Goldfish soon. 😀
    And the error code went away after ca. 10 mins :).
    Thanks for posting (L)

  2. Wow! Did you save after Larissa caught the Coelacanth? Hope so! How annoying would It be if Larissa lost her Coelacanth? o.o

    • Yes, luckily we saved soon after she had caught it 🙂

  3. Jaimee my coelacanth is save in my museum (:

  4. Thats awesome!! Good for you!! 😀

  5. miki i have the kitten its Saturday so ill try 2 cum 2 ur twn but otherwise we really need 2 meet up!

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