Posted by: Mayu | September 20, 2009

Long time no see- Rosalie, Claire and Jane ^^

I opened later than usual and as I saw Herti-pi’s town totally full I decided to open my gates instead for other people 😉

Claire from Pixelpop dropped by, yay! 😀 You look so beautiful today! 😆

The blue haired girl is Rosalie from forks, she has done the touch event in my town 🙂

And Jane from BomberLu made Mitsukyo full, aww, it’s so nice to see you three again – it has been a while ^^

I showed them my spare hybrid place and gave them two flowers each.

Sheesh, even there are such a lot of beds, Jane and me still have to fight about one 🙄

Axe attack!!! 😆

Is… that… you?!?!??! Rosalie?? 😯 You look older than me 😆

A sweet fashion show ^^. Nice costume Jane and I also liked the golden net-umbrella a lot of Rosalie 😀

Catching several bugs and fish was also fun.

This picture of Jane remembers me that I still have to make a pixel of her… 😳 Sorry, I’ll do that asap!! 😉

Thanks for the fun, girls 😀



  1. I was just about to come in, and you closed. How could you?! I needed to do you touch event 😦

    I cant come tonight, pleaseeee open up on thursday!!

    • Huh? I didn’t close my gates that evening, I had it always open… ❓ As you can see I also was only in my town that evening, I didn’t report about any other town… weird :/

  2. hi mayu we have not met up in ages have we well just under a month but still I need to get back in to wifing yes I do.

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