Posted by: Mayu | September 17, 2009

Outback-turnip’s trip to OpenTown

I’ll tell you about the turnip trade I did for Herti-pi xD

First I fetched her 500 turnips, each turnip on ground has got a value of 100 turnips ;). Say good-bye to them Herti-pi! 😛

Back to my town I dropped them on ground and ended the game play, because…

…I had to switch my chara to Haru, as Geli is only added in Haru’s roster 😉

Yep, yep, fetching the 500 turnips again and then…

I was looking for Geli’s town OpenTown! 😀

Here I am! Hi Geli, thanks for being still open 😀

Ok, Nook, what do you give me for 500 turnips?

178.500 bells, not bad, not bad 8)

Back in Outback I gave the money to Herti-pi who was really thankful 😉

Oh I also took a look in Herti-pi’s house and I loved these gyroids xD

Gemma(left) and Bree(back) were also there and I had a lovely evening with all of them, but soon I had to go. Ok Herti-pi, now you were able to see what had happened to your turnips, lol.
See you all soon again 😀



  1. I would love to visit OpenTown, is it possible??

    • Ummm no, Geli only opens for the board members of the Chaotenecke 😉

      • Chaotenecke??

  2. Okie, now i know my dear turnips were safe all the time!


  3. Awww, why? And what is the Chaotenecke?

    • Because there are already too many people who wants to go to Open Town lol. Oh and Chaotenecke is a German board (and people only talk German there) you can find it under my blogroll at “Other links”

      • oO, but I can speak some german…

        • Well then go ahead and register there ^^ It’s a really nice board 🙂

  4. my gates are open!

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