Posted by: Mayu | September 17, 2009

Eating through hockey mask!

The Friday began with a nice surprise:

Nook from my friend’s town OpenTown offered a nice turnip price, it was 357 bells! ^^ So I packed all my turnips and went several times to OpenTown to sell them all

Thanks a lot Geli, you have to know that she keeps OpenTown for more than a year open now, but only for registered board members of the “Chaotenecke”. But still, it’s very amazing that she opens her gates daily to let people come and explore her town while she’s always offline, thanks again Geli for this great offer 😀 ~♥

The evening was again very nice, I had Bree in Kimono and Gemma with the green shirt as my guests ^^.

I’ve found a message in the bottle at the ocean. 😮 It was from my friend Kerstin of Berlin, she wrote a letter that I can’t translate very well that it keeps still funny (for my German friends she wrote something like :Ein Lümmel findet im größten Getümmel immer noch seinen Lümmel…) HAHAHA :lol:) and she put a golden rose in it, whoa! Thanks a lot Kerstin, that was a nice surprise 😀
I gave the golden rose to Gemma, as you might know, I’m not a big friend of golden roses (actually it’s the most less interesting flower to me lol)

Bree had dinner in real life and in my game she was sleeping meanwhile;)

So I had fun with Gemma in my head bumping game room 😛

And we enjoyed a nice chit-chat with cake and tea 🙂

LOL, aren’t we cute? xP All those weird things I’ve found at Able sisters shop today and bought it all 😆 . Bree liked the regent wig a lot, tee hee. Then I was wondering if I still can eat a fruit while having this hockey mask on. So let’s try it out.

😯 Am I eating the peach through my mask?? Or do I munch it under it? 😆 I don’t know!

Bree also had to try it out :mrgreen: and Gemma is chewing her golden rose instead 😆

Haha I love this Pikachu pattern, Gemma looks like a Pikachu herself in this outfit 🙂

And then Herti-pi came over, whoa, look at this awesome self-designed shirt ^^

I offered her to sell her turnips in OpenTown, too so we all headed over to Outback that I can fetch the turnips 🙂



  1. O_o Weird

    • Oops XP

      Still Sorchas Car boot

  2. u should try drinking with a dummy its so funny

    • Ummm how does it look like – drinking with a dummy? 😆 ❓

      • Do ya mean eating?!

        And with a… whats the word?… PACIFIER!

        ”Eating with a pacifier!”

        • Haha that’s also a nice idea, we should try that out XD

  3. How do you get that rainbow shirt? I want it! ^^

    • It’s a shirt that you can buy in summer at Able sisters shop

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