Posted by: Mayu | September 15, 2009

Visiting Posie’s home Posyfarm

I like visiting other towns, you’re always curious if something new is there or a pattern that you’ve never seen before, or the individual style of the houses, the neighbours, all in all it’s always great fun to visit other people 😀

So this time I’m in Posyfarm, the new town of Posie 😀 Such a big path to the entrance 😮 and all golden, how splendid! 😀

I was surprised by this HUGE flower pattern, so awesome~♥

All neighbours has got loads of flowers surrounding their houses, Posyfarm is a really pretty town 🙂 Meanwhile Gemma was also there ^^

Hahaha your mustache is great Posie 😆 and look at this umbrella!!! 😮
I want that in real life, too!!! xD

Posie already has breeded such a lot of hybrids, congrats! 😀 Good work!

Let’s have a peep inside 🙂

Awww, very comfy ^^, the pic left of me was of Drake, if I remember right…

I like this spot very much 😀

Visiting the neighbours of Posyfarm was also fun. On this pic you can see Gemma, Posie and of course me, have you spotted them yet? 😛

After 30 min I had to go, sorry about that. But thanks for letting me visit and a big thanks again for your pattern, I enjoyed it 🙂
Hope to see you all again 😀



  1. Glad you liked my town Yuki. 😀
    we should do that more often! 😉

  2. I love the dress your wearing . Its looks so cute! ^_^

    • Thank you~! Do you have a friend code? I can make you one if you want…

  3. I’m done with your pattern Posie ^^

    • Thanks Yuki! can I pick it up next tuesday?

      • Ummm actually it’s deleted again from my pattern spaces 😛 I can’t store every pattern as most of the spaces are reserved for all my town patterns, sorry Posie but can you pixel it by yourself? When you click on the icon you can see your pattern bigger and with more detail.

        • Ok thnx mayu~!

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