Posted by: Mayu | September 15, 2009

Meow, Gemma and Posie…

…were Yuki’s visitors tonight 😀

It started with Meow, today with a red/black/white theme, so pretty 😀

And soon Gemma from Nintown came through the gates, woot! Nice to meet you, she’s a new ACWW friend and a very nice girl ^^

We strolled over the town…

… and of course whacking Meow is also included in the evening fun :mrgreen:

Tee hee, Tiffany can be so cute, when she’s smiling 🙂

And Pango put her screen in front of the window again, as Meow is walking through Mitsukyo 😛 But wait, why is she telling ME :”Stop that! Don’t stare at me!” 😮 Hmpft! 👿

We also spent a nice fishing time together ^^

Yay, my first king salmon this year 😀

Aren’t we beautiful? 😀 😛 I liked the Pikachu shirt of Gemma a lot 🙂

After a while Posie from Posyfarm dropped by, hooray! The last time she visited me was with her old chara Julie more than 2 weeks ago 😉

Your princess shirt is awesome Posie 😀

And she brought me a surprise present 😮

Can you see it? It’s a pattern of my chara Yuki xD. Awww thanks a lot Posie 😀

Here you can see it better, isn’t it cute? 😀

Well, that’s a cute pic of Posie 😆 😉

After that we decided to go to Posyfarm, so to be continued… 😉



  1. Good for you on your first K. Salmon! 😉
    I’ve already caught like six! 😆

  2. aww………this yuki design is awesome

    • Thanks Marie 😀

  3. I did that with Mayu!! x3

    • Hey Sorcha I haven’t visited you yet when would be a good time to meet up?

      • Im not playing ACWW at the moment, sorry.

        • Ok but when you are let me know! 😉

    • Yep, now I’ve got two cute patterns of my charas xD ~♥

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