Posted by: Mayu | September 14, 2009

A new friend: Marie from Bikini B

Sorry for the delay until I could open finally, but family kept me busy again 😉

Soon after the gates went open a new visitor came to my town: it’s Marie! 😀 Hello and welcome ^^

Well, all new visitors are surprised when they look at my turnip messed house xP.
Marie is a very nice and kind girl from Germany, you should get to know her, she’s REALLY nice xD

Bree came after a short while, too and we chit-chatted in front of my house ^^

And with Herti-Pi (right of me) my town was full again, yay! 😀

Whoa 😮 , look at the awesome Arapaima Herti-pi has caught… cool! 8)

And Marie changed her hairstyle into this pretty white bob head 😀

Awww I was fascinated by the colourful impression of our umbrella show xD.
From left to right it were Bree, Herti-pi, me and Marie if I remember right 😉

Not that colourful, but still very nice umbrellas 🙂

That’s a nice pic of us, especially that of Herti xD 😆

We also had a lot of fun with net fights, as usual 😛

Then Marie had to go, it was great pleasure to play with you, hope to see you soon again 🙂

Soon after Marie went, Larissa dropped by, woot! 😀

I was a lot afk, so I couldn’t do much photos of the rest of the evening, I’m sorry. But Damian also came to visit me ^^
Thank you all for the wonderful evening 😀

PS: Summer and Herti wrote about this evening too on their blog:
Look here



  1. Its a great nose ^^

  2. aww i looooove hertis umbrella/path *.*

  3. – Candy took some pics of my town! 😀 You can take a peek!

    • You have such a cute town Cindy 😀

  4. Hey that’s an arapaima not an arowana!! 😛

    • Right, yesterday I got aware of this, too when Meow caught a Arowana xD But thanks 😉

  5. Hi Mayu! I got PURPLE PANSIES!!!!! Can u come over to my new town Wii?? Plz!?!? I need someone to play wifi with baddly! So could any of you peoples see this, go to:!


    Em. 🙂

    • That’s great Emily 😀
      Ohhh I would like to play with you, but at that time I was already sleeping, almost getting up soon xD

  6. ooh 😀 that was my really first time that i was playing wi-fi….but it was so much fun!! but i cant change my hair and i still got this weird bob:( i havent got hypernook(english??)

    • Lol, poor you, but I like this hairstyle 😉 And Hypernook is Nookingtons in English ^^

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