Posted by: Mayu | September 11, 2009

Visiting Larissa in Grüntal

In the evening I opened my gates with Miki and soon my town was full with:

Herti-pi (red bun), Bree (blonde bun) and Larissa (brown hair), welcome you three ^^

Hahaha, Larissa was still doing fireworks, although her roman candle has already vanished xP. But such a pretty face 😀

Bree and I changed our shirts all the time, while Herti-pi was making some pics of us 😉

This pic looks so weird xD, are we genies in a bottle? 😆

Then we decided to go to Larissa’s town Grüntal, I’ve never been there before and was really curious about it ^^:

Awww, the place around Larissa’s house is so sweet! I liked the alternation between 4-leaf clovers and flowers ^^

This is her moneytree ^^. She planted 79.000bells there, I hope the tree will bloom some money bags, fingers crossed! 😉

The modern room with the seashore wallpaper was a really nice combination.

And you can see a lot of cute patterns in her town. Look at this blue pikmin! x3

Hahaha I laughed about this pattern, because it says: ‘Holy Stone – pay 10.000 for watch 🙂 ‘ Uhhhhh, a holy stone 😮 , I hope it brings me good luck! Next time I’ll leave 10.000 bells there 😆 😉

When I was visiting Vesta in Larissa’s town, she was screaming again:

Have you ever noticed, that after the first “EEEEEK!” the face turns back to this calm and friendly form? But once you pressed A again:

Her face looks very frightened?? The astonishment looks sooooo fake when you wait a few seconds after the first EEK xP 😆

Bree was going to Harriets to change her hairstyle and pitiful Larissa broke her axe a few seconds ago 😀

Ohh a dark brown ponytail now, Bree, that’s cute ^^ After that I had to go because I had a date with Lucy at 9PM, but even after 20 minutes I didn’t find an open gate so I ended my game play for today 😉



  1. Thank you for posting 🙂
    You forgot to make a pic of my boat hahaha. :DD
    I like how Vesta is screaming, she never screamed at me xDD.

    • I still haven’t seen all of your town 😮
      Meeh, I have to visit you soon again xD

  2. Hah! great post! xD
    did you put the genie picture in the “my best moments” page? it should be there! 😉

  3. Oh and that’s a ponytail not a bun 🙂

    • 🙄 I’m so stupid sometimes xD. Thanks Posie, I’m thankful for your help 😀

  4. Waaaah.
    Whats that yellow thing round my head in thepic with the moneytree?? scary :0

    • That was your flower emotion! 😆

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