Posted by: Mayu | September 11, 2009

Mashy from Bickles

Yaaay, Mashy was visiting Tilly again in real life so she was able to play over Wifi ^^.
So I was happy when she invited me to come to her town Bickles 😀 :

Wow, I like the rainbow path in your town, Mashy 😮 🙂

Left of me is Mashy and the girl in the back is Tilly. So good to meet you two again, it has been a while 😀

Oh Tilly, do you want to catch a bug? 😀

… ok… I think not! 👿 😆

Hahaha, but you look really cute, when you’re angry 😛

I have to sit on every seat inside Mashy’s house 🙂

Yes, even on that seat :mrgreen:

Yuuuummmmyyy! I love your cake… no, kitchen! 😆

This room was the best of all 😀 (well, in my opinion), the cloud carpet suits very well with the cabana theme ^^

Soon after that we decided to go to Tilly’s town, so to be continued…



  1. Hi Mayu! i have an acww website now 2! Now all i have 2 do is find my hook up thing so i can get pics on it! i’ve made an new town called Wii. i want you to come over! Could you plz come over on Saturday? cause i have’nt been to your town for a while and im hoping that if i open my gates over wi-fi that it doesnt crash!( its really weird though! whenever i open my gates over wi-fi, they crash, but when i do ds 2 ds, it doesnt crash….. weird huh?) Well, i hope i can get to see you then! and could you put the pattern if my old person in your town so i could get it? cause i really wanted to put something that would remind me of my old town Rockstar…. i really miss that old town now, but it was starting to get boring…. i now really wish that i didnt get rid of Rockstar, but could u re-add me as an different person? if you could that would be great!

    Hope 2 See You Soon!!

    Emily. 🙂 😛 🙂 😛 🙂

    Oh and if you got any comments by somebody called rocker3, thats me! Check out my site and plz leave an comment! And that goes for everyone els that reads this comment!

    Emily. 🙂 😛 🙂 😛 🙂

  2. My acww website name is( srry i forgot to add this on my other comment^^)!

    Thats all for now!

    Emily. 🙂 😛 🙂 😛 🙂

  3. Hey mayu! GUESS WHAT!

    That’s right! i got nothing to say! lol!

    cya =)

    • o it didnt work
      i had a hell of alot of enters XD

  4. mayu! school holidays are next week! so we can wifi every day 2 weeks in a row LOL
    p-h-u-n PHUN! (its fun actually dont get confused LOL)

    ps-was it hard learning english?
    how long did it take to talk it fluenlty?
    when did you start learning?
    did you enjoy it or did it get boring?
    do you still struggle a bit with it?

    lol sorry for all the q’s im only curious 🙂

    • Hahaha that’s great xD but I don’t think I’ll have time to play EVERY morning 😆

      And now about your questions:
      – Yes, for me it was quite hard to learn English, it was not my favourite subject, even worse, I hated it lol
      – Ummm in my opinion I still can’t “talk” it fluently but writing got better during the 2 years of playing with foreign people ^^
      – I started to learn English in my 5th school year, I was 11 years old.
      – First I enjoyed it but then my grades got worse and worse and it wasn’t fun at all. My fun in English came back when I started to study electrical engineering at university, there the English was much more fun and my grades were for the first time very good in English haha!
      – yes of course it’s still not very easy for me. As you probably can see my grammar isn’t always correct, sometimes I think my sentences sound also weird but all in all I’m glad that you all can understand me somehow lol.

  5. When are u blogging about my town? :0

    • Sorry that you had to wait so long xP, yesterday evening was too late to finish all my posts about Friday 😉

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