Posted by: Mayu | September 10, 2009

A lot of old friends and a new one ^^

I’m sooo sorry that you had to wait for this post that long 😦
I hope I can remember what I have done all on thursday so pls bare with me if I miss some details xD

Well at first Damian and Jake came for a visit. Unfortunately Damian was sleeping behind me on that pic xP

And then I had a new visitor: it’s kieran from kieran t, he’s from Wales 😀

Haha, lucky him! He soon caught a rainbow stag in my town 😀

After Damian had to go, Mattie was there! Hii, nice to see you again ^^

😆 Isn’t Jake cute with his new emotion xD??

Later on Larissa was there, hooray! 😀

And Lucy from Heath came over ^^. She brought me this cute dress pattern.

I was so stupid to put it on the wrong place in my inventory. So all my sunflower patterns changed into Lucy’s dress, haha 😆

Thanks for the fun @ all! 😀



  1. I designed that dress lucy displayed! Isn’t it cute?

  2. im makeing a blue one

  3. what jake doing ?????????????

  4. im makeing a green and yellow dress

  5. Haha, whats with the 5th pic from the bottom? Is that your husband? 😆

    • OMG!! 😯 Who’s that?? No, it’s not my husband, LOL!!!
      Thanks for telling me, I think my picture was somehow overwritten by this pic, I hope there aren’t any other of them! xP
      I’ll delete this weird pic 😆

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