Posted by: Mayu | September 10, 2009

508 bells in Funky!

HOOORAAAY!!! Meow has got a good turnip price again this morning! xD
I really appreciate it a LOT that she’s always telling me about when she has got a nice turnip price in Funky ^^

So soon after I’ve read her comment I packed my turnips and went to Funky 😀

Jenn was also there, hello cute white bunny 😀

Awww, I love you, too dear Nook! ♥ :mrgreen:

After 5 full loads I was done! 😀 Whoa, you look so pretty Meow, like a noble lady 😀

Kiki was so tired this morning 😆

And I loved this only gyroid, he sounded so pitchy and screamy xD

We’re the Oboid group! 🙂

And that’s my main room after I’ve sold all the turnips, isn’t it lovely? Tee hee!

Thanks for the superb turnip trade Meow, I owe you a lot! 😉



  1. I need a big turnip price today or tomorrow!
    My turnips will get rotten! 😦

    AND MAYU!!!!!
    I’m sooo proud lol. 😀

    • Congrats Larissa!!! xD xD WOOOOOOOOOOT

  2. Whoa! 508 bells!
    Nook better give me a nice turnip price too or he’s in trouble!

  3. Ty for commenting on my blog (herti-pi and mayu/miki!)

  4. Your town is so cute!! I’m jealous!

    I’m going to try and make mine cute with patterns too, right now it’s just covered in weeds.


    • Thanks Chelsey and have fun with pixeling patterns, it’s really fun to decorate your town with them ^^

  5. Wats a jacobs ladder?

    • It’s a wild plant that grows when your town is “perfect”. 😉
      Oh and was this on tuesday Mayu? If so sorry I couldn’t come 😦
      when we got to my grandparents house I was immediatly called to lunch,
      plus (or minus?) copper took forever connecting to wifi…
      I hope your open next tuesday! 🙂

      • Yes I hope to see you too on Tuesday ^^

  6. wen is mayu online?

  7. who wanna connect to wi fi?

  8. I’m open for around 30 min ^^;

  9. kk say about 10:00pm or so kk

  10. are u open now ill go check

  11. kk its open im comming

  12. sorry internet laggy

  13. oh no your town full 😦

  14. well ima have towait till somebody leaves

  15. Hi Mayu! I just wanted to let you know that i got rid of Rockstar. It was getting really boring. Here is on of my new fc’s.


    Thats it for now!!


  16. I sooooo wish i had wifi. We actually do have it since i have a laptop but we dont know the password. (i have a dsi) So I cant type it in and connect.

  17. Mayu what can i do that the turnips dont get ruined(also verotten)?? Den letzes mal hatte ich sie für eine woche in meinem Haus abgestellt(ungefähr 400 stück) und nach einer Woche waren sie verdorben!!!Ganz schlimmer Rübenverlust!! Was kann ich dagegen tun???! :>

    • Put it on tables, Marie 😉 To get them onto it just lay a shovel, a carpet, a wallpaper or something else on the ground in front of the table first, then you can put the turnips easily onto it 🙂

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