Posted by: Mayu | September 9, 2009

Hide&Seek in Outback

Meeh, it was late when I was able to play for a few minutes with my friends, sorry about that but today and tomorrow evening I have got some work to do at home.

So it was almost 10.30PM my time when I finally found some time to play and I saw Herti-pi’s town Outback open ^^
Larissa and Bree were also there and they just started to play hide&seek and so I was looking for a good place to hide, too:

Tee hee, this place wasn’t bad at all, we chit-chatted while Herti-pi was looking for me and after several minutes…

She found me! xD Yay!

You look so cute today ^^ And sorry Larissa and Bree, I totally forgot to take some pics of you too xD. As we were always hiding I didn’t get the chance to come close to you 😛

After that I went into Herti-pi’s house and hey look, she’s into turnips, too! 😀
I hope we get some nice prices from Nook this week ^^

My last pic before we all had to go: Herti-pi and me with head bumping lol

It was a short gameplay but I really enjoyed it a lot! 😀


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