Posted by: Mayu | September 7, 2009

My newest friend: Mattie from Savannah

Today I met Mattie in the chatroom and we decided to meet up in acww, too 😉

I opened my gates and soon she was there: Mattie from Savannah, welcome! ^^

She changed her hairstyle into this brown ponytail, how cute! 🙂

Mattie started ACWW yesterday, so she hasn’t got a lot in your catalogue yet and was quite happy to touch the furniture themes.

I also showed her my spare hybrid garden and she took a purple rose from there 😉

Squuueeeeeeze! Ouch, the door is wide enough why have we to stand at almost the same place? xD 😆

Head bumping and rolling over the beds is FUN! 😀

On bed Mattie wasn’t sleeping but while standing it was no problem 😛

Hearing some Irish bedtime stories was very interesting, yaaawwwn! :mrgreen:

In the end we enjoyed watching TV before I had to party over 😉

Thanks for the fun, Mattie! 😀



  1. what chat room was that?

  2. I think it was Summer’s chatroom…

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