Posted by: Mayu | September 1, 2009

We love netfights!

When Yuki was opening Mitsukyo’s gates tonight, a strange red nosed butterfly flew in… 😮 Her name is Meow! xD 😆

We bid a warm welcome to Jenny, with our beloved golden nets :mrgreen: And Meow does also have one now!! Yaaay, congrats! 😀

Jenny was happy about my September touch event, she needed some furnitures for her neighbours, so now she can order it easily at home ^^

Shake it, shake it, baby, oh-oh, shake it shake it baby~ ♪ I hope Bunnie’s baby won’t get seasick 😆

WHACK! Another nice netfight 😉

After a short while Meow had to go and we headed over to Jenny’s town Hampton.

There I’ve been visiting her neighbours like Nana or…

… Tangy! 😀 She always looks so happy and sooo kind ^^

Another netfight muhihihi! :mrgreen: Oh man, I think I have no nice picture of Jenny this time, only when my net is in her face xP, sooorrrryy ^^;

Later on Jenn from Bethany dropped by, hello! 😀

You look very cute today, Jenn 🙂

I had such a lot of fun, thanks a lot Meow, Jenny and Jenn 😀


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