Posted by: Mayu | August 31, 2009

Thief!! And fun with Jaimee, Emsyjane and Jake

I was quite surprised this morning when I watered my flowers, because:

Someone shook my money tree again and stole three golden roses under that money tree, too!!! 👿 👿
I can’t accept thiefs in my roster and it might be the same one who has stolen all the hybrids in Herti-Pi’s town Outback! I already have an assumption, so be warned next time when you come to my town. I’ll keep an eye on you! 👿

But back to the happier moments of this day ^^

It was a lovely morning because I met Jaimee again!! Wooot! I haven’t seen her for a long time and finally I could give her all the prizes she won from the last contest haha xD.

And two other super nice friends were also there: Jake and Emsyjane, hii you two! 😀

We all chit-chatted a lot and

we showed each other all patterns we had xD. Wow Jake’s Mario pattern is so cool! 8)

Firework is still fun even in the morning! 😆

Ahahaha, poor Jake is burned by Jaimee xP

After this photo we were all invited to come to Jaimee’s town. See next post for it 😉



  1. That is so not cool! I hope you ban that person who is shaking your money tree and stealing your golden roses.

    PEOPLE be a little more respectful! Mayu is kind enough to let us visit her town. Would you want people stealing things from your town?

    • Yes of course, once I really know that it was this person, I’ll delete him/her from my roster. 😛

  2. Thats really mean for some people to do that,
    I dont understand why someone would do it in the first place 😦
    Im sorry to hear about that mayu,
    But at least you have a plan for the person that stole thoose things!


  3. Dear person who’s taking Mayu’s things,
    Please don’t steal. It is bad and wrong! Mayu works hard to get these type of things and it just dissapears…?! No, YOU make it dissapear! All her hard work is gone because you took it away. No one would do that to you and like Leesh said: you wouldn’t like it to happen to you!!! So just stop. No body will be able to trust you if you get caught. No one will let you wi-fi with them. So just own up now and tell the TRUTH! If you do then people will at least know you’ve the sense to own up!

    Sorry Mayu.. I just had to write that down! It is bad that people have the nerve to take things without permisson! That anyone would Dare to take anything without permission!! I mean its against the law! Stealing… isn’t it? Well I just hope it stops. 😀
    Flora x x x

  4. Nasty theif!
    Lets beat them up!! *Bang! Crash! Boom!*
    Thats for stealing from OUR MAYU!!
    *Spits on theif*
    I dunno why you spit, its just something you do in the UK, lol!

  5. :O im so sorry mayu i hope you find the person thats stealing that really sucks

  6. Thank you all, I appreciate your sympathies 😀

  7. I think it is not good to steel on acww (and in real life too lol)

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