Posted by: Mayu | August 31, 2009

France, Poland, Mitsukyo and new friend Larissa

Haha, the towns we played tonight sound like we’re doing a big journey 😉 .
So at first I saw Sorcha’s town open and I entered her town France:

From left to right there were: Sorcha, me, Damian and Rosalie, it’s the first time I met her on ACWW ^^

Damian as usual with his halo and Sorcha is wearing the cute pineapple design from Meow 😉

Haha, nice apple dress, Rosalie xD

I liked Sorcha’s neighbour, look at this furious Roscoe 😀

Or this sweety Baabara ~♥

Well, Wifi wasn’t good this evening, it crashed like 3 times in Sorcha’s town? Next time it crashes we decided to go to Damian and we didn’t have to wait long…

Here we are in Damian’s town Poland ^^

A close-up pic of Rosalie, you look nice on it 🙂

But soon as we just started to chop down the trees (Damian wants his town to be treeless) game freezes again and I was like one minute in this pose until finally Wifi crashed again… 😦

Well I had to open at 9PM anyway because I had a date with Larissa, my newest German friend who wants to play with Miki to learn English from you all ;). But the first visitor of Mitsukyo was Cyrus! 🙂 Nice to see you again 😀

After that Larissa came to Mitsukyo, hooray! Her town is called Grüntal, that means green valley in English.

Damian also came through, woot!

Haha his helmet looks gorgeous with the pattern showing himself xD 😆

Awww isn’t Larissa cute, when she’s sleeping? 😉

Cyrus had suddenly to go and Emily from Rockstar was my next visitor:

In a very summerlike style ^^ I love this straw hat, Mayu is always wearing it 😛

My last pic of the evening, after that we also went back to Damian, but I had to go soon, so I didn’t take a pic of that anymore… 😳

I enjoyed the evening!! 😀



  1. Yaaaaay 🙂
    It was fun to be in your town, its great, I loke your patterns in your town *.*
    *auf Rübe sabber* hahaha.
    what means that in english?^^
    Maybe tonight you can visit my town, if you want to. 🙂

    • It means “to drool on a turnip”

  2. Its a ‘World Tour’ lol!

  3. Hey Mayu its Emily. I was wondering if u could make a parttern of me for AC:WW? Cause Damian wanted one for his town so i tried to , but it turned out really bad so. Could u please make me a pattern?


    i can play on saturday’s and sunday’s only untill sunday irish dancing class cause i now have to take afternoon ones cause they cancled morning ones!


    • Yes Emily I can try that, but… you all have to wait at least until next week, this week is impossible for me to draw any, so please be patient 😉

      • Hey Mayu! i created a cool pattern of you, its not brilliant… but its my first one!

        • Thanks a lot Sorcha, I really was happy about it ^^ And it’s ubercool 8)

  4. Sorchaaaaaaaa! have you found internet at your nans??
    Yaaaay wanna go on chat??


    • Im not there until tommorow lol!!!

  5. Oh!!! lol, i thought you said today was your last wifi day heheheeee!
    Oppps wanna wifi??


  6. Huhu Miki

    Haha tolle frisur xD. Normalerweise änderst du nur deine Haare, wenn jemand dich darum gebeten haben… Hast du eine Wette verloren XD 😆 (scherz) Die Haare steht dir 🙂

    MFG Christian

    • Hahaha dass du die Frisur gut findest dachte ich mir xD
      Die steht dir, aber mir nicht xP

  7. Do you know a way to contact Damian?

    • who are you?

      • tell me please!

        • Damain, that was Samia 😉 They have got the same IP adress ^^

          • ty i was just wondering. well, you know; it WAS a suspisious name 😉

            • I agree Damian lol

  8. LOL I kno 😀
    Mayu, somebody told me that there was a cheat for pink braided hair.
    Is there a such thing?

    • I never ever heard about it and seen it 😯 . Actually I guess this is only a rumour and not true 😉 (or maybe it’s for ACCF??)

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