Posted by: Mayu | August 31, 2009

Finally I visit Tinytown!

Ohhh my, that’s so embarassing, I know Jaimee for almost 4 months now and I’ve never been to her town before!! 😳 😳
But today I had the chance to travel to Tinytown, woohooo!!! xD

What a splendid entrance! 😮 A red carpet, money bags and golden roses, we’re in rich city xD! Emsyjane also arrived there ^^

Cute pink cosmos flag 😀 !

And Jake looks really critical on this pic when he entered Tinytown haha 😆

Oh what an interesting place. Is it a dig-one-present-out-area? 🙂

Tinytown is covered with white and pink flowers. I think Jaimee’s favourite colour is pink? Because…

…the roof of her house is also pink ;). And look at these awesome patterns in front of it! ~♥

Her house is soo nice, but have a look for yourselves…

Nice comfy living room 🙂 . When I looked on the TV I had the feeling that the world map looks quite strange for me. But then I realised that Japan is centered there! 😮 I know only wordmaps where Europe is centered in the map, so America is at the left and Asia on the right side. Is your country also centered in your world map like in geography books?

The bathroom is hilarious!! I laughed about the tissues that should be used as toilet papers here :mrgreen:

Awww, Vesta’s pic!! 😀 I envy Jaimee, I still haven’t got a pic of my Vesta… 😦

Emsyjane and me were trying out the ranch beds here ^^

And we both strolled over the town and were visiting neighbours like

Static! 😀 Awww, you aren’t ugly Static xD ! You’re cool! 8)

Then we played the hairstyle game again. Both had chosen the same hairstyle by accident but with different colours lol, only me had an weird boy’s haircut -.-;

After this suspicious gangster has come to Tinytown (lol!) I decided to go better home again 😛

Thanks all for the wonderful morning! 😀



  1. static looks like hes doing a poo lol

    rrrrrrrrrrrrr ah can i use jammies toilet paper lol a little story

  2. Haha, my friend who previously had Static in their town made that catchphrase. I think he’s cute!!!

    • Yes Static is awesome ^^
      Btw, your Hailey pattern is finished 😉

  3. can u add me Emsyjane and Jaimee plz?
    name: Damian
    town: Poland
    fc: 309460160877
    tell me if u added me in coment on “my fcs” page!

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