Posted by: Mayu | August 30, 2009

I give up my chatroom, but…

…maybe you want to share yours on my blog?

What I’ve been thinking of is that three people can share their chatrooms on my sidebar, that means you can give me an own banner for your chatroom (or I’ll make you one) and I’ll link to YOUR chatroom, that people can still chat when they’re on my blog as many people missed my one now…

Let me explain why I want to shut down my chatroom: In the last few months there were several fightings, insults and swearing here, I still have no clue how to handle this. The last fighting was too much for me, I felt totally overstrained… 😦

Also, I’m not there often, and my mods are having a really difficult job to treat everyone right and not to loose temper by themselves, of course it’s not possible to react cool in every situation, that would be too much demanded of teenage girls or boys. And I really appreciate the work of all my mods, THANKS A LOT again, without you the chatroom wouldn’t have been so popular!!! 😀 😀

So let’s have a look of my idea: I thought three chatrooms would be nice to have a choice where you like to go to. If in one chatroom you feel uncomfortable, go to the other one! Also I would appreciate when I’m on the same level as all other normal guests lol.

If you want to be linked with your chatroom, please leave an answer here, also post your link to YOUR CHATRULES, that’s important, so that people know how to behave in YOUR chatroom. 😉

When there are more than three chatrooms offered, I’ll take a poll and I want everyone of you to vote for the chatroom you like to have on my blog.
I would say until next friday the three chatrooms should be announced here.

Ummm, I think that was all what I wanted to say at the moment. Please let me know what you think about it. 🙂

(Until next friday, I’ll leave my chatroom open)

It’s decided, I’ll make 4 chatrooms that is:
Summer&Sorcha, Emsyjane, Nicole and Tammie ^^



  1. Mayu? When you are going to open your gates? i have wifi now…

    • Larissa, sorry, I’ll try to open tonight around 9PM, at 8PM I have a date with Bubb.
      But you’re still with a red triangle in my fc roster. Have you added Miki? Because I want to play with you together with my international ACWW friends 😉

      • Okay, I will be there :).
        A red triangle is when you added me and i added me, isn’t is so?
        I’ve addet everyone xD. I don’t know which character I should add, so Haru, Mayu, Yuki and Miki are in my roster. :D.
        In my roster Mayu and Yuki have got a red triangle, and Haru and Miki have a green circle. Who I should delete and who should stay in my roster? You can’t add me with every character :0. Other friends of you need that place^^.
        Yes please let me play with your international friends! My mum think it’s great for learning english :).

        • Ohh you have Miki green in your roster? Let me connect to Wifi again, to check it… No you’re still red…? 😕
          Is your code really : 5369-6804-8545 can you check it again, please?

          And adding just Miki is enough Larissa ^^. Yuki is only for my international adult friends.
          Ok then I hope to see you soon! 🙂

          • Yes thats my code.
            Hm, I’m connecting to Wifi again, too.
            Miki is green. Mayu is still red. -.-
            Let me try once again.
            No. Miki is still green. 😦

  2. Hello mayu!
    Well i just want to tell you my opinion hehe
    I think you did the absolutely right thing, even if we all miss your chatroom… :/
    sometimes it just didnt work. the idea with 3 different chats sounds good, i hope it will work!

    • Thanks for your opinion,Herti-pi 😀

  3. I DO think that you should close your chat room, because I have been in many fights, witch I dont start.

    • Ohh that’s really sad and I feel sorry for you 😦
      So you gave up your own chatroom, too?

  4. Hii Miikii!!
    IIm so glad you deciided to open for a couple of days.
    II completely agree, with the 3 chatrooms, BUT II think the chat room rules should be all of yours + no powers.
    Everyone agree?

    • Well, that would be no problem about the chatroom rules, I could edit it and leave the general rules there 😉

  5. Good Idea I agree with sorcha 😀

  6. hey its me sofia im too lazy to log in lol
    i agree with 3 chatrooms but im quiting animal crossing until december so anyway but whats gonna happen with all the moderators?
    im visiting blog and visit chatroom but i think your chatroom is the reason I go here! because its fun but some people has been mean… but its an easy way to communicate with each other and everyone loves your chatroom! its becoming very popular and to tell you this: This is the best blog i’ve ever visited…! but i dont think i’ll dedicate my life in a addicted game. theres alot of fun things in this world and i Love it. i can enjoy my family everyday and have fun everyday …. im sorry but i think i wont play animal crossing wild world for a LONG time. well hope to see you again in the future! bye lol!

    • Thanks for your opinion sofia! 🙂
      And don’t worry I can understand you that you want to quit ACWW for now, enjoy your life and it’s good to know that you aren’t playing ALL the time at the DS lol.
      The new admins of the chatrooms should choose their moderators, I really don’t want to be involved in that anymore.

  7. WHAT OK UM I WILL give u everything on my widget page as I am very confused

    Click on the pic bellow to acess it

    read rules first please click bellow

    chat room rules

  8. Click on the pic bellow to acess it

    read rules first please click bellow

    chat room rules

  9. ()

    (chat room rules)

    PS: I added brackets on the end and this took me a while to do and I hope I can get on your blog well not me but my chat room

    • Don’t worry I’ll find your chatroom ^^




    • Thanks!

      I would like the following people to be mods on my blog: (If I forgot you give me a shout!)


      Please tell me if you do/dont want to be a mod.

      Thanks ^^,

      • ohhhh yes please sorcha!
        id love to be one 🙂
        Yay, thanks….


        • Come on my chat!!

          • i want to be a mod!!! thanks!

      • Tammie is a mod on ours Summer, as well as herti-pi

        • And Flora

  11. I want to be a mod! thanks sorcha 😀

  12. You put SORREL instead of SORCHA mayu!

    • OOOOOOPS!!! 😳 😳 I’ll edit that now, now now!! xD Sorry!

      • Its ok ^^,

  13. Hello everyone!
    Im very sad I have to write this, but…
    someone has stole ALOT of my hybrids! This is sick and it totally freaks me out. First i saw my ONLY purple pansy missing, and as i kept walking around the town, i noticed other flowers was gone, for example
    2 orange pansies
    2 blue pansies
    2 pink cosmos
    1 black tulip
    1 pink rose

    I am so dissapointed that someone i’ve been wifiing with actually could be so MEAN!!??!!
    I dont even have many hybrids, and those i´have ive breeded my own, i dont use ar to get them!

    so, if you read this and know that you stole hybrids from me, go and feel VERY bad about it. i dont mind getting them back, but i hope you’ll NEVER steal again. Its stupid, mean and very selfish!
    im thinking of closing my town, and just letting those i really really trust come here. And that wont be many, im afraid.

    im mad right now.
    bye. 😦



      • THEY EVEN DUG MY TURNIP :@:@:@:@:@

        oh my, why didnt i notice this evil person?
        think im gonna cry.

        • Omg, poor you! 😦 😥
          But… I also missed 3 golden roses and my money tree was shaken again the day before yesterday, I noticed it only the next morning 😦 👿

          Can you tell me who were in your town that day? Maybe we can find it out together, because I know many people where I would put my hand in fire that they won’t steal anything…
          And I also have one assumption who it might be… 😕

          • Who Mayu?

            That Sucks, whoever did it should just go and get a life, and give up stealing cause its pointless and unneccesary

          • yes, i think we have to find it out. I mean, even if he/she is our friend, i dont think its ok to let a thief come to our towns. is there any way i can post a private message to you here on blog?

  14. haha, i like that wanted thing XD lol
    ps have you seen jake lately? like, in the past day? lol

    • Yes yesterday he was in my town lol

      • coukd you please tell him then that we are meeting in my town this friday, so he can register my friend, then we go to his town? ty

      • crap! mum just told me were going to the peoples house on friday at 5 and the worst thing is…
        i dont even like them that much 😡

        • ._.

        • awww what a pity 😦

  15. I just want to say something to Sorcha and Summer.
    Summer I want to stop that fight, but you know what happened.
    And Sorcha. I know that it wasn’t bloody french! I know what you called me and Summer.
    And I not was calling you something like THAT in hungarian – never.
    So you both know what happened. And only because of crashed WiFi.
    Okay. Maybe thats not important but I think now I should be the one who is upset!
    Mayu es hat nichts mit dem Chatroom zu tun, aber ich hab gedacht vielleicht passt hier besser rein wie z.B. in ‘Your FC’s’ oder sowas.

    • Larissa, I told you.
      Im french, I know what it means.
      What you think it means is WRONG
      Believe what you want, but your making yourself more upset!
      Plus at LEAST I had the guts to say SORRY!
      You didn’t even bother!!!!

  16. Mayu, Im gonna be too busy with school, so summers taking over my chat xxx

    • We created a new one
      Please make the link to this one

      • How do I delete my old one?

        • Hmm I don’t know… I’ll leave mine just as it is, I think once the link isnt’t there anymore no people will get there either

    • Ok, I don’t mind ^^

  17. Well i wont be on full time either because of school too, but its a joint chatroom now yaaaaay!

    Ty sorchaaa!

  18. Hello Mayu 🙂

    this is emergency, i need to talk to you!
    about the thief, u know. if your on chat tomorrow morning, we can talk.

    and sorry i write this so late! sleep well 🙂


  19. My chatroom!!!!! please please!!!!

  20. come back 2 chat!!!

  21. hey Mayu please read this and sorry for so many comments but Dawn wants you to put her chat in your blog too so please heres the link:

    please mayu!
    thank you so much !


    • It’s ok but more than 5 chatrooms I won’t accept on this blog 😉

      • ok mayu sorry but she really wanted that! thanks!

        • It’s ok, don’t worry 😉
          Btw, your Puerto Rico patterns is finished ^^

          • ty! in an hour im going to the hospital so maybe we can do it now or then tomorrow your time lol im going to be in hospital all day. you can give me the pattern!

            • I’m open now, but sorry I don’t have your pattern anymore ^^;
              I’ve done 5 patterns today and I can’t keep every pattern in my pocket xP, so would it be too difficult for you to pixel it by yourself? When you click on the flag you’ll see it enlarged and with more info.

              • okay ok ok i’ll try waaaaah 🙂 lol i’ll try

  22. be better mayu go on chat!

    • my chat

  23. mayu I would love my pattern u made me but I am not very good at copying out patterns so could u please please please make mine 2 keep in ur pattern compartment until we next meet up please mayu

    • Oh I see, that’s ok Emmy, I’ll try to keep it at Ables 😉

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