Posted by: Mayu | August 28, 2009

It’s windy in Zikkopop

Friday morning, my ususal time to play with Tilly 😉

This time I went to Zikkopop again, as Tilly had some problems to get into my town. Jake also came first to my town, but then we decided to visit Tilly. ^^
Wow Tilly, you have revamped your town 😀 . It’s great!

Haha, I had to go afk for 5 minutes and during this time Tilly put some “I’m afk”-patterns under my feet, I was really surprised when I opened my DS again xD 😆

Both have the ‘Blankness’ emotion and I was standing in the middle of a storm, a lot of leaves fell in front of me :mrgreen:

Jake had to eat pizza (awww, lucky you lol), and I think I shot this photo right at the moment when he came back. He looks still very tired 😆

Tehehe, Tilly and me melted together in our 1-spot-place xP

It’s more Tilly than me, isn’t it? 😆

Then we all went to my town Mitsukyo.

Tilly put one of her patterns on display. I really like this cherry pattern ^^

Yay, aren’t we cute? C’mon Jake have a look!

Muhihihi, I love this pic, Jake sleeping again and Tilly with her new flower emotion, awesome! 😀



  1. Jake is using my pattern! Right? XD


    • away from keyboard 😉 btw, your pattern is finished

      • Thanks!

  3. i was pretending to be a tree that day XP

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