Posted by: Mayu | August 28, 2009

Exploring two new towns

This evening was very nice, I was able to see two new towns of my newest friends Damian and Tammie ^^

First I saw Damian’s town Poland open so I dropped in to say hello. I was surprised to see a waterworld theme there 😮

Hi Damian, I hope you’re ok? ^^ He just started to remodel his town so I helped him chopping down the trees and digging out the stumps.

Off you go! I wish I could be that strong in real life like my ACWW chara haha! :mrgreen:

But soon Damian wanted to go to my town, so we headed over to Mitsukyo and soon other visitors came too:

Like Herti-pi with the cute velvet glasses :D, hiya!

And a new friend arrived, it’s Tammie from Shannon, welcome and nice to meet you! 🙂 🙂

Damian caught a silk moth, what a huge bug 😆

And here I handed out the watermelon shirt to Tammie, I promised to keep it for her 😉 . Aww, sorry Herti-pi, that you were so blurry on this pic.

Later on Tammie invited us all to visit her town Shannon 😀

I really love to see new towns, and even better when it’s daytime there lol.
Emily from Rockstar came also to Shannon, I was happy to see her again ^^

Niiice house patterns, Tammie. ^^ Why is there a H in the roof?

Tammie and me were exercising in Gaston’s house lol.

Shannon is a town full of flowers, every neighbour has got plenty of them around their house, so beautiful! 😀

Next to Tammie’s house, there is a hybrid garden, awesome! ~♥

And a pretty pool in front of her house xD. Oh, Damian was coming at that moment, but I also had to go at that time, so I haven’t got a pic of him anymore…

Thanks for a wonderful evening ^^



  1. Sorry when you have to leave, wifi crashed…
    That was fun though! 🙂 😆 😆 😆 🙂 😀

    • That H is for house^^

  2. Lol me again ^_^

  3. whoa, you changed your blog? sweet!

    • Thanks Harrison, I always change the header every 3 months, when a new season started ^^

  4. hi im back! my wireless adapter stopped working, but now i`ve a camera to import pics! yaay 🙂

    • Heey, welcome back and congrats for your new camera 😀

  5. i remember my very first ever oak silk moth. They were as rare as scorpins in Poland! 😆

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