Posted by: Mayu | August 27, 2009

My good friend Alfie

Today I’ve met Alfie from Toast again 😀 . It’s always nice to play with him, we know each other for over one year now and it’s great that he’s still playing ACWW with me 😉

Hi, Alfie, thanks for your invitation to your lovely town Toast 😀

The flag is so perfect! xD Yummy!

Lol, I know this shirt only as a dress for girls, looking that on a boy as normal shirt is strange for me. Even Nook had to stare at Alfie xP

As Alfie didn’t have a shovel yet, I gave him my golden one ;). Tehehe it’s always cute to see the charas showing off the “new” golden items.

Aww, Alfie has got Gaston, the weird mustache bunny in his town ~♥ 😆

Mwah! Awww, I know that you like me Alfie 😳 LOL!! :mrgreen:

We look like old gramps and granny here haha!
It was a lovely evening, thanks for having me, Alfie 😉


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