Posted by: Mayu | August 26, 2009

Short visit to golden Town BLACKZ and hairstyle game with Flora

This morning I found Jake and Amber in my chatroom and we decided to play together for a while 😀 .
Well it wasn’t easy to get into town, my Copper didn’t let me through and gave severals 86420 error codes. But then, finally, I was able to travel to Australia 😀 :

Hi Amber, wow your town looks really nice, Jake. And my Benedict is wearing that Spongebob pattern, too, haha, niiice!

Hello Jake, nice to meet you again. You have such a wonderful golden roses town! 😯

Tehehe I asked them to make a group pic and they both did some funny emotions 😆

But then… Wifi crashed!!! 👿 And it looks like it was a heavy crash, because suddenly amber wasn’t in chatroom either and we had no connection at all…
Or both suddenly haven’t had time left to play, I don’t know. But all in all it was a weird situation lol.

Well, ok, then I found Flora in the chatroom and I decided to open my town, still hoping that Jake and amber will come too 😉

Flora is there! 😀

She bought many flowers, because she’s working on a perfect town status in Daffodil 😉

Then we decided to play the hairstyle game (i.e. pressing randomly buttons with closed eyes while talking to Harriet lol)
And it turned out like this:

Meeeeh! Flora looks cute but I didn’t like my boyish short cut xD haha!

LOL, Flora was so kind to buy me an afro wig to hide the short haircut. It looks TOTALLY different now, hahaha!

Flora, you look soooo cute on this pic xD . And your hair is so soft~♥ 😆

Oh, what’s that? 6 dots in the sky?? ❓

Tehehe, that was us shooting with our golden slingshot 😉

Thanks for all the fun, you three 😀



  1. Lol nice afro wig 🙂

  2. ohh i love afros!

  3. i the third pink flora is pink with green top, but youre the opposite! lol

    • Yes, tehehehe 😆

  4. im really sorry miki

    we had a blackout!
    our fuze box melted>
    it lasted for about 7 hours XC

    • Ahh ok, that explain the sudden disappearance of you two 😉
      But whoa, your fuze box melted? I hope you didn’t have fire in house? 😯 How scary! 😦

  5. 😮 I RESEt! ADD ME! Tangy Citrus 0345 8275 4956

    • Ok, thanks for your new details 😉

  6. yayy ill add you too georgina 😀

    and tangy tries to sell me a porcheletta for 200 bells! does she mean i should BUY that? there are lots on the beach, tangy! lol ^^

  7. you talking to me or tangy?

  8. i think you should it might have her autograph on it! she said im one of her fans!

  9. mayu! im trying to get through to ur town but its not working! can you please closse your gates and let me open mine because thats working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. my gates open! please come mayu! please come! PLEASE OMG!

    • Ok I’ll come tilly xD

      • Give me 5 min to pack your stuff lol

  11. Tilly and Jake, I’ll leave closed now after the Wifi crash. For 5 minutes it isn’t worth it 😉

    • ok mayu ^^ thats fine

  12. Hey everyone, Im back!
    I was grounded, that meant no DS or Laptop *Sigh*
    But now I am here!
    And I am sooo bored.

    Summer, I am so so sorry for leaving you on saturday, I hope you was ok, my mum was stood there waiting for my DS. Anyway, see you later guys!

  13. mayu, im just reminding you im opening tonight, 7pm, for the fireworks (11am for u, duh, lol)
    i hope you can make it ^^

  14. Tilly please add Emily from Rockstar!

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