Posted by: Mayu | August 24, 2009

Campfire umbrella

Hi everyone, I wanted to show you some pictures of last evening again ^^.
Unfortunately they are just 5… 😦 I opened first 30 minutes later as usual and then we had a date in Cindys town but she wasn’t able to open it somehow so I was only waiting for her after that 😉
But now back to my visitors ^^,

Dear Cindy, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! 😀 I checked my comments too late today, otherwise I would have been congratulating her a lot earlier. 😳
I gave her some b-day presents and hope they were ok 😉

Then my town got full with Herti-pi (grey hat) and Flora (berret), yay!

Herti-pi said she’s looking for a good campfire pattern, but look, what she already has designed!! 😯 You don’t need another, it’s awesome!!! xD

Later on Flora and Cindy had to go and Nicole came instead! 😀 Yay it’s nice to see you again ^^

But also Cody dropped by and this group pic was my last pic of this evening 😉



  1. Im SO SO SO SO SO sorry miki! 😦 My DS was striking, :’U so i had to go to bed. but, maybe on saturday?

    • No worries, Cindy, I’m not mad 😉 Yes, let’s see if Saturday works…

  2. mayu im uploading a new video, my town, now that its done, but i beg you to please, PLEASE, not watch it until we’ve wified on friday 😉

    • ok I promise!! 😀 I’m looking forward to next Friday! ^^

  3. mayu what was your first post ever?

  4. Hi Mayu, its Emily. I was wondering how did you get all of those different tags up there on your blog? Cause i made an wordpress blog and i dont know how to get different tags up or tabs whatever you call them. heres the site:!


    Emily. 🙂

    • Just make a new “page” instead of a new “post” 😉

      • Come on my chat mayu!!

  5. never mind, but thanks anyways! i figured it out myself before i came back on here!

    Emily. 🙂

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